Watch: No Doubt Releases A Music Video For ‘Push And Shove’

Their Album of the Same Name Is Out TODAY!
"Can you come out and play?"

No Doubt is BACK! After 11 long years (and two Gwen Stefani solo albums), No Doubt releases their new album Push and Shove TODAY! Timed in conjunction with the album’s release, today we get to check out the just-released music video for the title track Push and Shove. As you may recall, we first got to hear the second single from the album when the audio was released late last month … today, we get the video. The video is just OK, I think … and the song is just … not really very accessible. I find it odd as an album title track and I find it really odd as a radio single (I much prefer the song Looking Hot) but … whaddayagonnado? Check out the video above and see what you think. Then RUSH OUT and get your copy of the album Push and Shove, ya hear?

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  1. bubba

    Looking Hot is the new single, trent…this is probably just a hype thing. they performed it at iheart festival and said it was their new single.

    • @bubba — Yes, Looking Hot is the newest single. Push and Shove was released at the end of August as the second single but the video was released today. No video for Looking Hot yet.

    • bubba

      wasnt it just a “hype” track released. I never actually heard that it was sent to radio other than being premiered on Ryan Seacrest…I think looking hot is the official second single…I may be wrong though. Or theyre trying to garner that hit which settle down obviously was not. :(

  2. I just got the album put on my ipod, can’t wait until I get to work to listen to all of it, but out of the ones I’ve sampled, it’s been hit and miss. (The misses not being awful, just not..great.)

  3. Keanon

    Fierce! Not sure why I read so many negative reviews of the new material. Its great!

    • I think it’s just…very different. I mean, I’m a huge fan of No Doubt’s ska/reggae roots and, though they do touch on it a little bit on this album, it’s significantly less of what I would have expected from them after a 11-year hiatus. That what’s been a little disappointing for me. I do like most of the songs, they are catchy and energetic, but they are gonna have to grow on me. It’s not the instant love I previously felt with their music.

    • I’ve decided that those are my thoughts exactly. I like all of the songs, they’re just not what I’d hope for from No Doubt after being so excited.

  4. bubba

    People saying they were hoping for something different, had this album been release a year or so after rock steady, you would all be in love with it. I think we are all just stuck in this mindset where everything has to be upbeat go to the club and get drunk type music. I love this album and im glad no doubt stayed true to themselves and didnt have to turn to dance crap to stay relevant.

    • Um, I don’t think so. You can’t generalize why people like it or not. For me, I think the album is a cross between Gwen’s solo work, Return to Saturn and Rock Steady. For the record, Rock Steady wasn’t my favorite album of theirs either.

      My assessment is completely different from yours. I think P&S the album leans more towards pop than anything else (with the classic No Doubt twist, but still pop) precisely to make it current and stay relevant (especially in the radio). “Looking Hot” has exactly that electro dance vibe to it you’re talking about. And really, there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s just different. I was hoping for something different, but it doesn’t mean I hate it. I just like her ska/reggae roots more than the alternative stuff. They are still fun, though.

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