Nicki Minaj Launches Her New Fragrance In NYC


Last week, Nicki Minaj was hard at work as one of the new judges on the forthcoming new season of American Idol. This week, she is hard at work promoting the release of her first celebrity fragrance Pink Friday. Nicki, all decked out in her Nicki Minaj best, made an in person appearance at the Macy’s Herald Square in NYC, NY for the official launch of her perfume. After Nicki posted for some photos, she pressed the flesh with some fans and signed bottles of Pink Friday. Click below to see some photos from last night’s event.

To be honest, I expected Nicki to look a bit more wacky than she looks in these photos so … is it possible she toned down her look for the occasion? It had occurred to me that Nicki could’ve dressed herself like her creepy perfume bottle but, alas, she opted out of scaring everyone in attendance. Ah well. Nonetheless, Nicki has released her smell into the world! It’s out there right now … any takers?

[Photo credit: INFdaily]

  • JCZ

    I guess it’s just mandatory these days. J-Lo I think was someone who thought it would make a great business deal considering her status and it paid off. So other celebs were approached with high calibre, alas Britney Spears. Both these celebs had distinct, great scents that were also individual I believe to others – their first few (haven’t smelt any newer ones) didn’t have that tacky fruit scent that they all now smell like, as if they’re body spray. Whether either of them had any contribution, who knows, likely only choosing different scents to mix or already mixed and endorsing that – but back then, it didn’t seem tacky/easy publicity, it felt more business deal-like.

    It’s likely written into their record deal these days, any way the labels can make money and stay afloat, they’d try it. Or anything to pay their lawyer fees, at least.

  • rOXy

    Her looks are a hard act to follow even for her, but she did it this time. :)