Henry Cavill Talks ‘Superman: Man Of Steel’ In A New Interview


We are still a long way away from the theatrical release of the new Superman film Man of Steel but today we get to read excerpts from a new interview with star Henry Cavill about the film. Honestly, it doesn’t sound like Hank really wants to talk in too much detail about the role or the movie but the persistant interviewer manages to get him to talk about the role and the film a bit (the interview was conducted back when Cavill was promoting his role in Immortals and prolly just didn’t want to focus to be shifted to a film he hadn’t filmed yet to a film he was promoting at the time). Click below to read the relevant parts of this new interview to get a small Superman fix.

MEDIA GEEK NETWORK: The roles of Theseus and Superman have required you to transform physically, and I wonder what the transformative result of that is on you emotionally or psychologically when you walk on a set.
HENRY CAVILL: That’s a very good question…. The mindset when you change your body physically, and your ability physically, there’s more of a self-belief. There is more of a security in yourself. It’s quite a unique feeling when you have a moment and you’re rested, and you’re not exhausted and everything else, you think, “I can do this stuff; I’m probably in the top 10 of physically fit people in this room,” and that’s a very good feeling. Of course, someone like me I always keep myself in check, because it means I’m going to continue to push hard. I never allow myself to spread into an arrogance, because that, I believe, and there are people who say otherwise, will hold me back as opposed to help me advance. When it comes to playing a role like Theseus or the other role [laughs], it does help an awful lot, because the environment around you behaves differently. The people perceive you differently, and that helps you be the character which you’re trying to be. We are indeed a product of those around us, because we often behave in response to the way we’re treated. When people are looking at you in that sort of way and going, “Whoa! He looks kind of dangerous” or “That guy looks like he can protect me,” it gives you that extra bit of something that helps you play a character in a more realistic, effective way.

MEDIA GEEK NETWORK: I remember reading that when Christopher Reeve played that other character — I’ll play along – when he came on set, after having packed on the muscle and putting on the costume – he conveyed the sense that he was that person. It sounds like a bit of that in what you’re saying.
HENRY CAVILL: I agree, although I think that comes down to the performer as well. There’s more than just the physicality to roles like Theseus or playing Supes. There’s something far deeper. Anyone who is willing to put the work in and have that willpower can be in that kind of physical shape, but the question is do they give off that something else that makes them different or special? That’s up to a performer to work out how to give people that impression. That’s something different. Physicality helps, but there’s something else; there’s a way that you make people feel that physicality can enhance but not necessarily be the cause of.

MEDIA GEEK NETWORK: The character of Superman is often criticized for being the big blue boy scout and very tough to make interesting. What is your feeling when you hear that sort of thing?
HENRY CAVILL: I don’t think people know the character well enough. He’s a very interesting character. Because he’s always trying to do the right thing, doesn’t necessarily make him boring. He’s conflicted in his own ways and I’m speaking strictly just from source material when it comes from the comic books. What he has to go through is enormously difficult and if people just really think what it would be like, you’d realize that there’s a lot more to him than being a good guy. A lot more. There’s a lot to the man. When people say it’s tough to make him interesting, they just need to read some of the right stuff and they’ll see there’s a lot of very interesting things going on in that guy’s head.

MEDIA GEEK NETWORK: Rather than just playing a role in a movie, is there a different feeling when you find yourself part of this 70 plus year history of this character?
HENRY CAVILL: It’s a wonderful feeling and there’s certainly an aspect of it that could be an enormous amount of pressure which could end up affecting me, but I try and focus more on the honor or it and the excitement of being the person who was chosen to take up the mantle. It’s a wonderful opportunity, it’s exciting, and it’s so much fun [laughs].

Ok, so this interview really doesn’t tell us much other than what Henry was thinking about the role at the time the interview was conducted. I think it resonates with me, personally, because over the weekend I rewatched Superman and Superman II starring the late Christopher Reeve. I hadn’t seen either movie in YEARS so it was fun to be reminded how fun those movie still are (Superman II was the first movie I ever saw in a movie theater as a wee kid). While watching the movies, I grew more anxious for the new Superman film to come and then this interview popped up and … here I am, sharing it. I have high hopes that Man of Steel will live up to the importance of the Superman franchise (and will erase completely any memory of the disappointing Bryan Singer film Superman Returns). I think Henry Cavill will make a great Superman. I can’t wait to find out.


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