Hallowe’en Is In The Air (And In The Stores)


As I was running around taking care of errands yesterday, I kept running into reminders that Summer is over and Fall is here. Despite the fact that the weather outside here in LA is very Summery (and hot), all the stores around town are stocked with products to get us into the Fall mood … particularly, the Hallowe’en mood. I had to pick up some things at Rite Aid and meandered into the seasonal aisle to see what was being offered. I was happy to see my fave Hallowe’en candy back on the shelves but, man, was I a bit bummed to think how quickly this year is flying by.

I like Hallowe’en but I don’t LOVE it like some people do. I do try to get into the spirit every year but it’s not, like, the end all/be all for me. That said, as bummed as I am to be constantly reminded that 2012 is coming to a close (seriously, we are exactly 3 months away from Xmas day), the pack of pumpkin marshmallow Peeps I maybe picked up cheered me up a bit. Ah well … we cannot slow the passage of time. I guess we go with the flow or waste our time crying about it.

Still, sometimes I need to let out a little sob ;)

I have more errands to do today … I still have to put my wedding outfit together for Tam and Rob’s big day this coming weekend. It’s so hot tho, I hate trying on clothes when I’m overheated. Still, I gotta look fly so … a’shopping I will go. Happy Tuesday, friends!

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  • Lauri

    I too, cannot believe that the year is almost up. Or…that Target has Christmas stuff sneaking in behind the Halloween stuff already.

    • @Lauri — “Target has Christmas stuff sneaking in behind the Halloween stuff already.” FML

  • Deb Hodgon

    We’re not bit on HalloweĆ©n down here and only a few stores have stuff for it. But the Xmas goodies are coming out already. :( No wonder I’m getting old way too fast.

  • rOXy

    I noticed the seasonal creepage a few weeks back. Go into Hobby Lobby and you’d swear Christmas is this month. For you, I am sure it seems like last week you were doing your year end list. I am not a huge Halloweenie, but was thinking about doing a little something something this year. Was even pulling together an outfit earlier in case I’m invited to a last minute thing. Have a great time this weekend! We’re in good hands.

  • Dezden

    Peeps sound good right now. I used to not be much on Halloween, but 4 or so years ago I really turned around and now am a huge fan–permitted I put together a great costume. I know time flies when you’re having fun, but I legit have NO IDEA where this year has gone!!!