Watch: The ‘Gayby’ Trailer Is Absolutely Amazing


Honestly? The last time I watched a trailer this many times, Pitch Perfect had just come into our lives. Gayby is yet another movie about a woman trying to have a baby… but it’s kinda different. And by ‘kinda different’ I mean the main character is trying to get prego by her gay friend so that they can make the perfect gayby. LMAO. But it gets complicated. Naturally. Anyway, the one-liners in this trailer have seriously made my day and I cannot believe I’m just finding out about this movie! Peep the video for more and enjoy this moment. No, seriously. Enjoy it.

Gayby hits theatres October 12 and stars Jenn Harris and Girls actors Adam Driver and Alex Karpovsky.



  • Devonte

    I literally Laughed Out Loud at the last joke because its so true! “You wanna tell me there is room for more shades of gay under the rainbow, ’cause there’s not”

    • Shannon

      Devonte, I loved that part too. Let’s keep it real over here, lol…

  • Ben@pr

    Looks really good!!! BTW I think I saw Scruffy from The Outs.

  • Kim

    So many great movies out this fall!!