Watch: Bravo Releases A First Promo Video For ‘The Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ Season 5


Back in August we learned that the forthcoming 5th season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta will feature new new castmembersKenya Moore and Porsha Williams-Stewart. Today we get to see those new castmembers in the just-released first promo trailer for the new season of Atlanta Housewives. Click above to see the ladies in action and then click below to see the cast gathered together in another new promo image.

As you can see in the promo image used for the video embed above and in this promo image here, original castmember Kim Zolciak is NOT featured in either photo. She appears briefly in the promo video but my guess is that Kim will be phased out early in the new season. My guess is that she is going to focus on her family and say goodbye to the show. It’s possible she may become a recurring castmember but the fact that she was left out of the promo images is very telling. It’s also very likely that this will be the last season that NeNe Leakes will be on RHOA. She has a real acting career now so … I think her days as a Real Housewife are numbered.

Just a quick NeNe blurb … David and I had dinner at Rosa Mexicano on Sunset Blvd. last week and NeNe came in with her youngest son and her estranged husband. They enjoyed dinner as a family and her hubby helped her run lines from The New Normal (they had scripts at the dinner table while her son looked bored as he played on his phone). It was funny to see NeNe acting like a genuine, drama-free housewife for once :)

  • kendra

    I heard Kim wasn’t in the promo pics because she was super prego when they were shooting them..But yeah..Could very well be that she’ll fade out..I heard they’re doing a follow up season for Don’t Be Tardy For The Wedding..Maybe she’ll pull a Bethenny and have her own series..I hope the new girls are fun..And I really don’t know why NeNe is still on it..She acts like she’s above everyone and everything..Let her fade into obscurity when her “acting” work dries up..

  • Kim-E

    Where is she? U know I mean She by Sheree. I didn’t hear she wasn’t coming on.

    • @Kim-E — OMG, you’re right!!! Where is Sheree? :(

    • Tina

      I’ve read at other sites that Sheree isn’t returning. She was becoming my favorite one last season.

      I wonder if her house was ever built.