The 2012 Emmy Red Carpet Looks Were Pretty Fab


Watching the red carpet arrivals for the 64th Annual Emmys on E! last night was crazy fun, as always. I saw, like, 12 dresses I wanted to steal and their new mani-cam (where, yes, actresses placed their fingers in a little box designed like a mini red carpet and show off their fingernails) was so ridiculous and yet, so necessary! But the best part of the arrivals, IMO, was the moment Kat Dennings (of 2 Broke Girls) stepped on the scene. Maybe it was just me, but I thought she looked stunning, and all her boob jokes just made it even better. Not everybody loved her dress, but I thought the red looked so good on her and, well… there’s no other way to say this. She has perfect boobs! I mean, she has my dream boobs (in terms of shape, size, and continuity… what?) and so I could have cared less if the dress wasn’t exactly a game changer. The boobs were and, as Guiliana Rancic mentioned, she had on very little make-up and looked absolutely gorgeous. Anyhoo, peep the gallery for more! Hayden Panetierre, Claire Danes, Lucy Liu and Hiedi Klum were also in my top specials for the night. Whose look are you loving… or leaving? And check out all the winners here.

Photo Credit: Splash News/Getty Images

  • Danielle

    I thought Heidi’s dress was incredibly unflattering. It made her look twice her size and gave the illusion of serious cameltoe,