Listen: Miguel’s Unreleased Album ‘Kaleidoscope Dream’ Is Streaming Now!


We are officially having one awesome Monday. Kanye West’s sex tape has been confirmed, Sofia Vergara revealed a wardrobe malfunction like no other, and now we are getting an entire album’s worth of music from Miguel. His Adorn video recently won the coveted Summer Music Video Pinkie Award for The Absolute Sexiest Video That Also Kinda Made You Think Of ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit. Which is why I was so pumped to hear that the album starts with that song, but I’m also loving the new tracks as well (currently falling in lurve with Do You). NPR was kind enough to share this album stream with readers, along with a review of Kaleidoscope Dream. Among other brilliant artists, Miguel is compared to Stevie Wonder, Prince and Van Morrison. Rightly so, methinks. Plus I hear a lil’ bit of D’Angelo, which is always a good thing. Anyway, less talk-y, more listening-y!

Brent, where you at?!

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  • Brent

    Hi Shannon I’m right here with you listening! Whew this has really made my Monday night! Thank you!!!

    • Shannon