‘Les Misérables’ Releases A First Promo Poster


Last week we got the latest look at the forthcoming big screen adaptation of Victor Hugo’s classic epic Les Misérables. Today we get to check out the just released FIRST POSTER for the film. As you can see below, this new poster features a close-up look at the young character Cosette … which mimics the iconic graphic poster of the Broadway musical Les Misérables that ruled the Great White Way back in the 1980’s. Click below to check out the full size image of the poster and read some more deets about this much-anticipated film.

With a cast of stars that includes Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway, Russell Crowe, and Amanda Seyfried, “Les Misérables” has an embarrassment of riches to use on posters to promote Tom Hooper’s musical adaptation. But rather than lead with one of those famous faces, the new poster uses adorable Isabelle Allen, who plays the young version of Seyfried’s Cosette, mirroring the show’s famous Broadway artwork.

The artwork reinforces a strategy that first emerged in the recent Japanese poster: Universal hopes to evoke nostalgia for the classic live stage production rather than display Hollywood stars.

This is a GENIUS idea. Most people who know the Les Miz story know it from the musical and, sadly, not from the book. This graphical allusion to the original poster will remind people of that connection. It’s brilliant to feature the real life actress, as opposed to the illustrated version of the Cosette character that was used in the now iconic Broadway poster. Truth time: Les Miz is not one of my favorite Broadway shows. I fell asleep during a performance and just never really liked the music. THAT BEING SAID, I am impressed by all of the stuff I’ve been seeing from this new production and I am ready to be impressed when the film opens in theaters this Xmas. I dig the poster, do you?


  • ClaireMichelle

    SQUUEEEE. I can’t wait for this! I hope they do it right. And holy hell, that girl looks like Dakota Fanning.