Billie Joe Armstrong Of Green Day Checks Into Rehab


Just one day after the Green Day frontman freaked out on stage on the first night of the iHeartRadio Festival in Las Vegas, NV, Billie Joe Armstrong has announced that he has entered a rehab treatment facility for substance abuse. As you may have heart, Billie Joe was very angry that Green Day’s performance time had been cut short during the fest. In a fit of anger, Armstrong destroyed his guitar on stage and stormed off. I, personally, chalked up the incident to good ol’ fashioned rock and roll behavior (after all, Billie Joe wasn’t the first rocker to smash a guitar on stage) but clearly, his problem is a serious one. Click below to learn more and see video from Billie Joe’s on-stage meltdown in LV.

A day after video surfaced of rocker Billie Joe Amstrong unleashing a verbal tirade at the iHeartRadio festival, the Green Day frontman has checked himself into treatment for substance abuse, his rep says. In a statement to the Associated Press Sunday, Amstrong’s rep says the band apologized for the incident, which Armstrong initially blamed on the fact that the band’s set was cut short. Reports said the band was asked to shave some time off their performance to make room for other acts — Usher’s show ran 25 minutes long — which caused Armstrong to get a bit peeved. “I’m not f***ing Justin Bieber, you mother****ers,” he raged, dropping over twenty F-bombs over the minute and a half-long ordeal. “I got one minute, one minute left…. Let me show you what one minute f***ing means,” he said, before destroying his guitar on stage and eventually leaving with the rest of the band. The band’s rep said their set was not cut short by Clear Channel, the host of the two-day festival. Green Day is set to release their latest studio album, “Uno,” on Tuesday.

Wow. I did not see this coming. I know the band is very excited to start releasing their trio of albums starting this Tuesday … but this rehab thing is very troubling. I know that Billie Joe has struggled with substance abuse in the past so my hope is that he is serious about taking back control of his life again. Get better soon, Billie Joe.


  • Shannon

    This is sad; I heard about the freak out but hadn’t seen the video. I thought too that he was on that rocker ish… it’s good that he’s trying to get some help.

  • Yasmin

    Wasn’t he hospitalized a few weeks back in Italy? I hope he will get the help he needs and be okay!

    • Pauline

      Yes he was, but that was something about his throat! :/

  • rOXy

    :( As sad as this news is, it’s classic rock and roll, unfortunately. He doesn’t come across as whacked out most times, so hopefully, aside from a cleanse, maybe he can get some rest that I am sure he can use. Healing thoughts and love to him.

  • Tamara

    Get well Billie Joe I cant wait to see you all healthy in concert
    Is the album not out in America yet ?? we already have it in Australia

  • Juneh

    Get well soon!