Amanda Bynes Makes Her Way To NYC


After a recent run-in with a paparazzo photographer here in LA and after a few months of odd behavior, Amanda Bynes has packed up her bags and made her way back East to inflict her onslaught of trainwreckness on the unsuspecting people of New York City, NY — just days after her parents moved from TX to be closer to her in CA. As you can see below, Amanda was spotted in NYC yesterday with shopping bags in hand as she roamed the streets of NYC. It’s funny … Lindsay Lohan fled to NYC after she endured some difficult times here in LA and now Amanda is following her lead. Coincidence? HMMM.

Amanda Bynes bolted out of L.A. this weekend and thankfully headed to a city where public transportation is readily available … the Big Apple! Witnesses who spotted Amanda in NYC tell TMZ … the actress was aimlessly wandering around mid-town for hours on Saturday. But get this — Amanda is telling friends the reason she jetted off to New York … is because she was tired of being followed in L.A. — something she says doesn’t happen in NYC. Bynes now tells friends she NEVER wants to come back to L.A, which is interesting timing considering her parents JUST moved to CA from TX to be closer to their daughter.

I have to say, I am now UTTERLY convinced that Amanda is doing all of this stuff for the attention. It really seems like Amanda is following the Lindsay Lohan Bad Girl Behavior Handbook to the letter but at an accelerated pace. How soon until we learn of Amanda’s first NYC arrest … especially now since Lindsay *just* got arrested this past week? At least we, here in LA, can relax a bit on the streets now that Amanda is out of the state on the opposite side of the country. But, I’m worried about NYC … having both Lindsay and Amanda in the same city at the same time … that sounds like a really bad idea to me :/


  • Megan

    It is so sad about Amanda. I adore her….I