PITNB Pinkies: The Most Unforgettable Music Videos Of Summer 2012


Summer is officially DUNZO y’all! And since this year’s summer was full of so much EPIC (Tomkat, Robsten, and the crazy, sexy rebirth of Pink Is The New Blog, just to name a few), we’re saying goodbye in the best way we can. This season, the PITNB Pinkie Awards have carried us through the MTV VMAs, as well as the BET Awards and the MTV Movie Awards. We’re bringin’ them back as we celebrate our absolute favorite videos of the summer with categories like ‘Best Break-Up Video,’ ‘Best Use Of A Fierce Hot Pink Cape In A Video’ and ‘Best Stripper Video That Also Re-Defined The Stripper Video.’ It’s the Pinkies y’all! Celebrate the perfect end to an oh-so-special summer, inside.

The PITNB Pinkie Awards For The Most Unforgettable Music Videos Of Summer 2012

The Award: The Absolute Best Video Of The Summer And Probably Of The Century
The Winner: Ton Do-Nguyen’s fan made re-creation of BeyoncĂ©‘s Countdown video, which changed our lives, and redefined our society as we know it. The Queen Bey herself had to bow down.

P.S. Like how I didn’t make you wait ’til the end for this award? Lol, it’s because the other awards are equally important, such as the award for Best Use Of An Octopus In a Video. Keep reading folks; it’s only gonna get better!


The Award: The Best Video That Was Also, Incidentally, A Commercial For ‘Twister’
The Winner: Britney Spears’s Til The World Ends (Twister Dance Remix), for making our Trent inexplicably happy. And when Trent’s happy, we’re all happy. Please visit his post for the absolute best GIF, ever.


The Award: The Best Visual Re-Introduction To Jack White For A Hip-Hop Head
The Winner: Jack White’s Freedom At 21 video kind of changed my life and I probably would have missed it if I hadn’t seen that Hype Williams was the director. The song is insane, the visuals are brilliant and the whole video is… well… kinda perfect. Shouts-out to PITNBRS Angie, T, Dasha, nicoleeee, Aimee, and Tiners who all joined me in the Jack White lurve-fest. Good times, good times.


The Award: The Absolute Sexiest Video That Also Kinda Made You Think Of ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’
The Winner: Miguel’s Adorn, for making my life happy. And for making PITNBR Brent’s life happy. The end.


The Award: The Video Most Likely To Make You Want To Watch Some Of The Artist’s Old Videos Which, Luckily, We Counted Down Here
The Winner: Mariah Carey’s Triumphant, for being kind of a disappointment, but at least the single inspired us to take a look back at her greatest hip-hop collabos. And for that, we thank you Triumphant.


Many more awards to go! Click the next page to see who had the best break-up video! Break-up videos rule!

  • Brent

    Awwe Shannon I love the shout out! And you have managed to do it again! I am loving the video of Countdown. That was too awesome!

    • Shannon

      Brent, glad you enjoyed! We all enjoyed these videos together; shouts-out were necessary :)

  • nicole

    Shannon you’re amazing & we love you! you’re never ever aloud to leave. like everrrrrrrrrr.

    • Shannon

      nicole, thank you! LMAO… I’ll stay, as long as you’ll have me :)