Dina Lohan Wants Another Interview With Dr. Phil


Last Monday, Dina Lohan (mother of the still very troubled Lindsay Lohan) made a terribly embarrassing appearance on the Dr. Phil show in an attempt to “tell her side of the story” when it comes to the mess that is her own troubled life. Because she came off looking so bad and because her appearance was so talked about the day after, Dina wants another interview with Dr. Phil. She is claiming she wants a chance at redemption but something tells me that she is enjoying the 15 seconds of fame that her first appearance brought her … and she wants more.

Dina Lohan is telling friends … she knows she looked like a total train wreck in her recent Dr. Phil interview — but she insists she’s not an out-of-control drunk … and she wants to prove it in a SECOND Dr. Phil interview. Sources close to Dina tell TMZ, she doesn’t believe the interview that aired this week on Dr. Phil’s show — in which she appears bizarrely fidgety and paranoid — is a good representation of her (no duh). Dina says she was in an extremely emotional state during the interview — she says she was taken off guard by questions about Lindasy’s drug habits and Michael Lohan’s alleged abuse … which begs the question — How could she think Phil wouldn’t ask her about those things? We’re told Dina has reached out to Dr. Phil for a do-over to prove she’s not “the worst mother in America.” So far, it’s unclear if Dr. Phil will take her back.

First off, I’m convinced that Dina is feeding off the notoriety that the interview brought her. At last, she got to experience the “fame” that her daughter Lindsay has enjoyed from her own bad behavior and … my guess is that Dina loves the feeling (it has been my contention for years that Dina is jealous of Lindsay and she wants to BE Lindsay … but that’s a discussion for another day). Personally, I’d love for Dr. Phil to deny Dina’s request because I think ignoring her is the only way to really hit her where it hurts but … my guess is also that Dr. Phil will HAPPILY have her on the show again. That man knows how to get ratings, his show has been on the air for 10 years. If Dina is serious about another interview, Dr. Phil will give her one … which means we may likely have more sadly entertaining TV to watch again very soon.


  • Mumzy

    No “do-overs”, Dina Baby! You went to the show to set the story strait and I think we all picked up what you laid down. “It’s on film. You do the math”…..

  • rOXy

    It’s a wrap. Anything else will be theatrics. We got the real Dina the first time around.

  • Jstar

    I have thought the same thing for years…Dina wants to be LiLo and can’t stand not being in the spotlight herself!