Watch: Our Favorite Twihard Tells Us All To Calm Down Over Kristen And Rob


Hell has frozen over y’all. Emma Clark AKA NuttyMadam3575 AKA THE Twihard has released a new video and she is so over all of us! For any of you who left a comment on that ‘Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson Are Reportedly Getting Back Together’ post, she’s talkin’ to you! And me, lol. If you can believe it, Nutty Madam– who lit’rally invented the art of overreacting– is telling us that we are all overreacting. Like I said. Hell. Frozen over. I love it! Watch the video… and Happy Friday y’all! Don’t say I never gave ya nothin’.


  • VV

    The words “mentally” and “ill” come to mind.

  • alice

    Where is the responsible for this mentally unstable person? She is obviously out of her meds

  • Nina

    Oh dear. Someone so invested in two people who were obviously a) in a PR relationship or b) in a relationship that was definitely not some love, dove monogamous thing. Girl needs to relax.