Snooki Shares Another Adorable Pic Of Baby Lorenzo


Just a few days ago Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi took to Twitter to profess her love for newborn baby Lorenzo Dominic via Instagram. We got to see that awesome head of hair on her little bundle of joy, but today we get a better look at his absolutely adorable face. Snooki’s new picture is heavy on the lurve, Lorenzo, and leopard print, which is awesome and… totally appropriate for the Jersey Shore star. Take a lookie inside for more!

The ‘BOYS RULE’ onesie, that tiny little baby face, and the various animal prints in the background… I can’t! Love it. And I love that Snooki looks amazing and totally sleepy in her new photos, lol. She’s really doing this!

Anyway, between this pic, Jessica Simpson’s black and whites of Maxwell Drew, and those ridiculously cute Giuliana & Bill & Duke photos, I’m sooo in celbrity baby photo heaven (because that place totally exists)! Lol.

How are y’all handling this cuteness overload?


  • Hannah

    When you see pictures like this, you forget what you told yourself about having more kids, because look how serene and happy the baby and mother are. All the other parts are a hazy blur, because, look at the cute baby! It is dangerous!

  • nicole

    so many cute babies! almost makes me want one…. almost.

  • Sandy!

    Girl looks JUST like a mommy- straight up tired, but so in love!
    He’s just too cute! All these celebrity babies are making my ovaries ache, but not quite enough to have a baby lol

  • sarah

    shannon, i think you are an awesome asset to the PINTB team, and you are a great writer…but i have to tell you, the “lol”s kill me.

    • Shannon

      sarah, I hear you… but you also have no idea how much I really am laughing most of the time! My sense of humor is… warped… to say the least and sometimes I can’t help but laugh… a lot. Even as I wrote this post, I couldn’t believe that Snooki was really– in real life– a mom. Had to laugh out loud, like, a lot.

      Notice I wrote out ‘laugh out loud’ for your benefit ;)

    • sarah

      i feel you. you want to be able to convey your feelings to your reader. i definitely get a sense of your humor through your writing, but i dig your personal flair :) thanks for writing me back!

  • Sarah S.

    If you look at the left of the picture you can see that Snooki is clearly the one taking this picture. So much for sleeping haha. Adorable picture tho!