PITNB Gets First Dibs: The Official ‘Pitch Perfect’ Soundtrack Is Here!


Ummmm, nobody talk to me right now! I am having a jam session of epic proportions, lol! We’ve heard some of the awesome a cappella songs from the upcoming movie Pitch Perfect (like No Diggity and that crazy Bruno Mars/Nelly mash-up), but today because we are PITNB and because our readers are the absolute friggen best (and they totally heard PITNBR nicole’s secret wish for a soundtrack) we get first dibs on the complete Pitch Perfect soundtrack before its digital release on September 25! The amazing selection of medleys and mash-ups comes to you courtesy of the Tony award-nominated Avenue Q director Jason Moore and seven-time Grammy award-winning duo The Underdogs. I’m not gonna lie y’all, I skipped right to their rendition of I Saw The Sign, lol. But now I’m listening to the whole thing and it is so crazy fun! Flo Rida never sounded so good… and the Like A Virgin/No Diggity… riff-off is gonna have y’all pumped. I promise.

Enjoy! And let me know if you have a favorite track. I absolutely cannot pick one right now. Good times.

  • nicole

    yayyyyyy its like an early brithday present!

    5 & 6 are on repeat.

    • Shannon

      nicole, so glad you likey! 5 & 6 are pretty epic :)

  • Daniel Mimbela

    Saw this movie yesterday and thought it was incredible I love every song in it.

  • Shelby

    Can’t. Stop. Listening.