‘Parks And Recreation’ Star Rashida Jones Stuns In This ‘Flaunt’ Magazine Photo Shoot


For years I’ve been wondering if Rashida Jones’s immense sex appeal is something anybody else is picking up on. And apparently, yes. People are picking up. Finally. The Parks And Recreation actress (also famed for her roles in The Office, The Social Network, and most recently Celeste & Jesse Forever), is featured in Flaunt magazine and she’s so ridiculously sexy it’s awkward… mainly for that Miranda Kerr photo shoot we posted earlier. Get your oohs and ahhs on, inside!

So yeah. There’s that to deal with on a Friday afternoon when you were absolutely not planning to work out all. Nor were you planning on spending the next 35 minutes working on your smokey-eye, prior to picking up your four year-old up from preschool later. Ridiculousness.

The article in Flaunt is titled Tongue-Tied and Twisted: Rashida Jones And The Complexity Of Intellectual Sexuality. Ha! I love it! They just will not let us be smart and sexy, without it being a complexity, now will they? But– all feminist critiques aside– I love the spread. I think Rashida is gorgeous, and I’m currently trying to ignore the ridiculously unnecessary discussion about her racial identity on the HuffPost. Can’t we all just admire true beauty, for like one moment, sans controversy??? Pretty please??? Kthanks.


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  • Yasmin

    She looks amazing! And I don’t get the “Complexity Of Intellectual Sexuality” title. What are they even trying to say? That the photographer had to use a lot of big words to tell Rashida how to pose? That she has political discussions during sex? What is “Intellectual Sexuality” compared to regular sexuality? I dont get it. Maybe they explain it in the article, I don’t know.
    And I will admire her beauty some more know and try and talk myself out of cutting my hair and putting a lot of gel in it.

    • Shannon

      Yasmin, thanks for commenting. Who KNOWS what that article title is about– I actually do look forward to reading the piece when it becomes available.

      You try the gel thing and I’ll do the smoky eye and between the two of us, we’ll have mastered her whole look, lol ;)

  • Vicky

    Shannon, I am sure you look just fine. And you have a wonderful little person to pick up from school and that is worth more than pretty much anything.

    • Shannon

      Vicky, awww so sweet of you! But TRUST– I totally believe I look good. The abs may not be *quite there* right now (lmao) but I’ve got a good face on me and it really doesn’t get better than that. Can’t complain.

      That being said (and arrogance being fully out there), I def admire a gorgeous women and like to take my beauty tips where I can ;)

  • Juneh

    I love this shoot! It looks so sultry and mysterious!