First Look: Lifetime Releases A Trailer For ‘Liz & Dick’


At last … the moment that the WORLD has been waiting for with breath that is bated is here! Lifetime TV has FINALLY released the first video footage of Lindsay Lohan portraying Elizabeth Taylor in their upcoming biopic made-for-TV movie Liz & Dick. As you may recall, last month we got to check out a few promo images from the forthcoming movie but … today we get the first trailer. It’s a short clip, just 30 seconds, but it features quite a few snippets from the film. You want to see Lindsay in action as Liz? Check out the video above. THEN click below to see the first promo poster released for Liz & Dick.

So … what do you think? Personally, I can’t take the Liz & Dick trailer seriously … I mean, yeah, it looks CHEESY as HELL! But you can tell that Lindsay really did her best to “act” like Liz Taylor. Granted, we only get to see short portions of her performance but … you can tell she deffo tried her best. So … what do you think? Based on this video footage, are you impressed or are you still reserving judgment?

  • Ashley Rogalski

    lol.. At least she give some effort..

  • Andy

    If you cover the bottom of her nose and her lips she could totally pass for Liz, but I just can’t see her as anything other than Lindsay Lohan with a busted face, trying to act. At this point, if she truly cared about anything other than being infamous, I think she should go to school and receive formal training. It would never happen though.

    That being said, her double chin will be perfect for the older years, lookswise.

    On a related note, I just watched “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” again and both Liz and Dick are absolutely brilliant in it.

  • claire

    Why is LL even considered an “actress”?! Just from those few short clips, shes as horrible as in every other movie.

  • Shannon

    Can’t help it… I’m kinda pumped, lol!

  • Seth Leeper

    Well, the guy playing Richard Burton seems to do okay, but as far as Lindsay playing Liz, well…

  • ea

    i actually think linds was a good actress, back before she … ya know, went nuts (parent trap). she had a lot of talent.

  • guzjon19

    It would be unfair to judge Lilo on just a 30 second clip. However, it looks like your standard lifetime flick, so expect plenty of cheese. Also, where does everyone get this Lindsay was a good actress idea. She was good in Parent Trap and Mean Girls, in other words a good kid actress. I’ve yet to see her in a more adult role that shows she can act.

  • guzjon19

    ^that Lindsay was…