Christina Aguilera Covers ‘Billboard’ Magazine


Last week we learned some new details about Christina Aguilera’s forthcoming new album, Lotus (due out in November) and today we learn that Xtina sat down with Billboard magazine to discuss her album and musical “resurrection” with Billboard magazine. Aguilera will be the featured coverstar on the new issue of Billboard and altho excerpts from the interview have yet to be released, we do get to check out what her coverphoto looks like. Click below to see Xtina on the cover of Billboard mag.

Thus far, this is all that Billboard is giving us. But, from the text on the magazine cover we can be sure that the focus of the magazine feature will be all about her new album Lotus. It’s interesting that the headline is The Resurrection of Christina because the implication is that she was dead previously. I would argue that if there was any resurrecting going on, it happened because of The Voice first … ‘cuz it remains to be seen if Lotus will be a hit for her (let’s not forget, there were high hopes that Bionic would do well before the album was released). Still, if her first single Your Body is any indication, Lotus will be a smash album. We shall see. I can’t wait to read the full text of this forthcoming Billboard interview.


  • nicole

    i love that picture. im hoping Lotus is like a mix of Bionic & Stripped. that would be a great mix.
    as for Bionic not being a hit…it should have been. it was a great album. a lot of people hated just to hate or they just didnt give it a chance.

    • JeniLeeSK8

      I love Christina and Stripped is in my top 5 albums of all time. I have listened to Bionic at least 5 times trying to like it and I just can’t. So I don’t hate it just to hate it and I did give it a chance.

  • Krissy

    Love that photo! Her eyes really stand out when she isn’t doing the red lip thing. I am one of the people that loved Back to Basics, but then just never got around to getting Bionic. Maybe they will offer a sale when Lotus comes out. I think she is very talented, wish her the best on this next album.

    • Devonte

      I too LOVED Back to Basics. I thought it was very different from the amazing Stripped but held it’s own light and style. I think she tried to do the same thing with Bionic, but it didn’t have the substance B2B did. I liked some songs off of it but it wasn’t an good album.

  • Anne

    Am I the only one who doesn’t really like the new single? I like Christina a lot but the song just feels like it’s already been done before, many a times

  • Mela

    That’s maybe the prettiest picture I’ve ever seen of her. I hope her album is full of singing and not screaming…

  • JCZ

    I think Bionic was a letdown because of her previous 2 efforts. Back to Basics did contain a lot of fillers – but it was still a greater album than some other albums around that time – she really nailed the classic soul sound into a modern/mainstream album.

    And Stripped speaks for itself. So Bionic was a bit of a letdown there. I haven’t listened to it in whole, but from the previews I’ve heard of the songs, I could probably only count on one hand how many songs I could listen to in full. But I don’t think it was as awful as critics stated – they just let her personal life/feuds overshadow the album. It was more experimental than anything.

    I say welcome back Xtina and bring it! Just go easy on the screaming, I don’t want to see that voice disappear anytime soon.