Watch: PITNB Formally Introduces You To The Treblemakers Of ‘Pitch Perfect’


Of the many things that first drew me to the Pitch Perfect trailer, Adam DeVine from Comedy Central’s Workaholics was one of them. When I realized that he was starring alongside Anna Kendrick in this a capella musical comedy of sorts, I kind of lost my mind. And rightfully so. This week, Taryn introduces us to Adam’s character in Pitch Perfect (Bumper) and The notorious Treblemakers. Last week we got to meet The Bellas, and the bad ass boy group that they go up against is equally compelling and just as hilarious. Peep the video for more and somebody get me Workaholics seasons 1-3 on DVD. Thank you.


  • Krissy

    I can’t see the clip, but it will be really fun to see him in something different! I love Workaholics. The boys are also going to be in the new Arrested Development, at least for one show according to set photos. Kind of makes up for the fact that I have to wait so long for another season of Workaholics!