Jessica Simpson Tweets Some Crazy Cute Photos Of Baby Maxwell


Many of your remember that Jessica Simpson caught major flack over some photos she shared of her gorgeous little baby Maxwell Drew in a bikini. Lots of us thought the photo was totally innocent and adorable, but some of us felt like there are better swimwear choices for babies other than bikinis. Others thought that those readers and viewers who saw the photos as sexual or as an attempt to sexualize the baby were the real problem. However you felt, the photos were kind of a big deal and we saw a similar reaction to a pic that reality star Kate Gosselin shared of one of her children. But if you’re over the controversy and miss a good ol’ fashioned celebrity baby pic, click inside for some crazy cute black and white photos of Maxwell Drew and company,

How cute are these pics?! Jessica, Eric Johnson (her fiancĂ©), and baby Maxwell Drew were celebrating Eric’s 33rd birthday and they look like they were having the best day ever. Love it! That second pic is just too much, lol!

How many of you are totally getting ready to round up the kiddies so you can put that black & white filter to use, lol?

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  • kendra

    Man..This is one of the cutest celeb babies to come around in a long time..I can’t handle it!

  • fab4runner

    She is sooo adorable!

  • Natalie

    The second pic is too precious. Love the colours, composition, the angle, etc! Jessica looks sooooooo pretty and happy in it.

  • nicole

    the baby is just sooo cute! i just wanna squeeze her. love the picture of Jess & Maxwell. adorable.

  • Cupcake