First Look: Lindsay Lohan Gets In Bed With Charlie Sheen For ‘Scary Movie 5′


Early last month we learned that Lindsay Lohan would be starring alongside Charlie Sheen in the forthcoming sequel film Scary Movie 5. Today we get our first look at Lindsay and Charlie in the film as the first promo photo for the film is released. As you can see below, L. Lo and Chuck are in bed together … which, to be honest, makes a whole lotta sense if you know anything about the pair of them :) Check out the photo in full and see what you think.

Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen often share space in the tabloid pages. Now they’re sharing a bed — at least on screen. The scandal-prone pair is shown between the sheets in a new still released from Scary Movie 5, the horror spoof in which Lohan and Sheen make cameos. While details about their scene have not been confirmed, it’s safe to assume both stars will be lampooning their outlandish public personas. Scary Movie 5, opening next year, also features Ashley Tisdale, Kate Walsh, Heather Locklear, Molly Shannon and Craig Bierko.

I mean, it’s just too easy. The Scary Movie films are comedies so it looks like they are going for the easy laughs here. Will it be successful? Who knows. The films tend to do well no matter who is in them so I can see this being a success for both Lindsay and Charlie. I doubt either of them will be starring in any significant films any time soon so … it was very smart of them to take what they can get. Any Scary Movie fans out there? Does this first look at Scary Movie 5 make you more or less inclined to see it in theaters?


  • Alex

    I’m a fan of these movies. This does sound like a fun scene, but I’m bummed that there’s no mention of Anna Faris (Cindy Campbell) or even Regina Hall (Brenda) appearing on this film, which is a bummer because they are both HILARIOUS and a key part of these movies’ success, IMO.

  • jack

    paranormal activity? Thats what this picture reminded me of. Maybe she’ll go crazy kill charlie sheen and then attack the screen like in the original film and then bam “scary movie 5″. calling it now. lol

  • Nathan

    I’ve liked the others, so I’ll watch this one. Sure, they’re not award worthy but they’re a nice break for an hour or two where your mind can stop, haha.