First Listen: No Doubt, ‘Looking Hot’


In July we got to hear the No Doubt single Settle Down, in August we got to hear the song Push and Shove … today we get to hear their newest song Looking Hot. By far, Looking Hot is the poppiest of the new No Doubt songs that we’ve heard … it’s also my fave of the bunch. Take a listen below and see what you think. For me, if the rest of the Push and Shove album sounds like this, then I’m SOLD.

I believe this is the radio edit version of the song so it may be released officially as a single … and I hope so. I love it. Honestly, it reminds me of Gwen’s solo stuff, which is deffo more poppy than most of No Doubt’s music. Looking Hot is a perfect marriage of what we love about No Doubt and what we love about Gwen’s solo stuff. This song is my jam, LOVE LOVE LOVE it!


  • Sam

    Love the breakdown in the middle! I still prefer Settle down as a whole though, especially the ending.

  • Joan

    I think I like Settle Down more as well, but this one sounds awesome. From the iTunes snippets, the album definitely sounds more poppy than the usual No Doubt sound, but it also doesn’t sound like this one. I’m confused as heck as to what to expect from the album. :(

  • Sarah

    i just love everything Gwen and everything No Doubt. So….LOVE IT!!!!

  • t*

    I thin Settle Down is better too.

  • Ashley

    I love this, but you can’t compare it with her solo stuff… I was so sick of Gwen being on her own, loooooving her back with the band though. I didn’t like her solo stuff very much at all. Glad she got it out of her system though and now they can go back to maing some amazing music. Awesome awesome! :D

  • Dennis

    Then you will love the album Trent. Most of it is more electro pop/rock than ska. It sounds more like one of Gwen’s solo albums to me than a No Doubt release. Now having said that I will say that its a pretty darn good album. I was pleasently surprised. After hearing the single “Push and Shove” I was worried it would all sound like 1994. It does not. Yaay!

    • Joan

      Well that’s partially good news… lol

  • romesf415