Chris Brown Is Being Erased From The Internet By This New App


It seems like people everywhere are reacting strongly to Chris Brown’s new tattoo, that is totally not a violent image of Rihanna’s face. We saw Twitter respond last week and Trent gave a shouts-out to new warning labels on Chris Brown CDs. Now a Toronto-based music blog called AUX has launched the ‘Brownout’ app, which removes all mention of Chris Brown from the internet. Hilariously enough, this site did the same thing a while ago for Nickleback, lmao. I can think of a few people who are dying to learn more… deets inside!

Here’s the announcement from AUX:

Never read about Chris Brown again with our CHRIS BROWNOUT browser plugin

With Chris Brown’s latest obnoxious stunt—getting a tattoo of what appeared to be Rihanna’s Chris-Brown-beaten face on his neck (even though he denies that it’s her)—it’s become clear that he remains impulsive and unapologetic and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. So, we here at AUX Labs took it upon ourselves to get rid of him.

We call it the Chris Brownout. And not unlike how we erased Nickelback with our Nickelblock plugin, you can now erase Chris Brown from the whole entire internet.

It’s currently only available for the Google Chrome browser, so if you need to grab that first, it’s here.

Then, simply head to the Chrome store and install. Enjoy the Brownout.

That Ish Cray, right?! Now most of the reactions that I read were positive. One reader called this ‘the greatest idea of the 21st century’ and another commented ‘will this app work on my little sisters iTunes? lawd please help me.‘ LMAO.

But some people felt it was unnecessary, arguing that we would now have to ban everything and everyone who we consider to be wrong on the internet.

I think this is a good point. I’ve said before that Chris Brown IMO isn’t the absolute worst. He’s an entertainer, but he’s not a dirty politician and he’s not a bad parent– those are the scary people who really have power in this world, lol. However, AUX is a music blog and as a music blog, they’ve taken it upon themselves to ‘ban’ musicians they deem abominable, and so I think this makes a lot of sense, even if the act is more tongue-in cheek than it is social or political (or maybe it isn’t…).

Anyway, I’d love to hear what you guys think! Is this a good idea or a complete waste of time? Does it single out one person with questionable behavior in an industry where there are so, so many? I’m not gonna front… kinda thinking about trying the app out for myself, lol. Who’s in?

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  • Yasmin

    I think it’s really funny. The Nickelblock thing is way funnier, though! And I am kinda tempted to try it.(The CB one that is.) I definitely would if I had blood pressure issues.

    • Shannon

      Yasmin, YES the Nickleblock app was hilarious! But I can think of a good number of people who are gonna go for the Chris Brownout, lmao.

  • nicole

    they need to make it so you can just plug in a celeb name & surprise they’re gone. because there are a few people i wouldnt mind seeing vanish from the internet

  • Siobhan

    Can we PLEASE get one for Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bines?

  • c-word

    i’d like for them to develop one that blocks out all the kardashians, too! haha!

  • Ashley Rogalski

    Sounds so funny to both Nickelback and Chris Brown. But Brownout sounds so wrong for some reason. lol

  • Oscar in Miami Beach

    Fabulous.Next Lindsay Lohan and all the Kardashians.THey are all disgusting and totally immoral.For Kim to kick out Chris for not being black enough is puckable.

  • queenofswag

    why remove a cute pop star becuz someone else is in he is still popular and thats rong foreal

    • @queenofswag — “thats rong foreal” No, that’s wrong, for real.

  • Samantha

    I think its really admirable that you see this guy for what he really is Trent. I can’t believe he still being treated like nothing happened, and his attitude about is so wrong. When he tweeted about an award he got, I got the impression he was implying even a woman beater (who isn’t sorry) can make a comeback . This app is great!

    • @Samantha — Shannon wrote this post. I dislike CB so much I won’t even utter his name.

  • bleedingEars

    I installed the plugin and it works but strangely enough now I am subjected to triple the amount of news about that waste of space Lana Del Rey.

    • @bleedyEars — LOL!!!