Birthday Lurve For The Lurve Of My Life

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Today is a very special day because it is David‘s birthday! I know the folks that know him personally are very well aware of what an amazing man, David is … and I hope over the course of my blogging career I have let those of you who don’t know David personally how amazing he is but it never hurts to say it again :) I have been the luckiest person in the world as the recipient of David‘s love so today is a very special day for me as well. 29 years ago today, David was born into the world … which is cause today for much jubilation <3

Now, don’t you fret none … I’m not going to get all super mushy here but I do want to take the time to pause for a moment in the day to send out all the Birthday Lurve I can muster … all of the love, period, that I can offer to the true love of my life on his birthday. The photo above was taken at one of my birthdays a few years ago and at the time, I wasn’t really in the greatest place. David knew that all he had to do to make my birthday a special one, even if I wasn’t in the mood for a special birthday, was to just be there for me. There have been many times in the course of our relationship where I have been reminded of how much I love him for loving me and that birthday was one of those times. This photo is one of my favorite photos of the two of us and it’s the one I wanted to share today. I hope you’ll join me in sending all of YOUR Birthday Lurve to David today.


  1. I’m officially *verklempt* over here. That baby pic is way too much; love it!

    Happy Birthday David!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday, David! :)

  3. Sam

    Happy birthday, David! Have a great one, and as we say in the Middle East, here’s to 100 more!

  4. happy birthday David!!

  5. Leah

    Happy Birthday David!! Hope you enjoy your day surrounded by your love ones! Have fun!! :)

  6. Leah

    *loved ones, sorry! n.n

  7. Jstar

    Happy birthday David!

  8. Happy birthday David!!!!!!!

    It is so wonderful to see two people who are so in love and who treat each other so well. I am tearing up from your sweet words! Love is a beautiful thing. Congrats to you both for finding the ying to your yang! Hope you have a fantastic birthday evening!

  9. Joanna

    I hope the next birthday you guys celebrate together will be as a married couple *wink, wink.* I wish David nothing but the best on his birthday. At least he lets you broadcast your birthday on the web. My boyfriend’s birthday was last week and I professed my birthday love for him on Facebook and he hid it so that none of his friends would know he was turning a year older. Oh, who am I kidding he’s been weeping over his birthday ever since I met him ;) I hope David will let you plan out a nice romantic evening for him. He deserves it. Have fun!

  10. Peeks

    Happy birthday! You are a beautiful couple. A good relationship is a true gift, indeed. xo

  11. Jai

    Happy Birthday David! :)

  12. Happy Birthday David :)

  13. Happy Birthday David =) Trent you are so lucky to find someone who loves you for who you are.

  14. ally

    awww! happy birthday, david!!!!

  15. Oscar in Miami Beach

    Happy Birthday David,Hope you have a great day with Trent.Enjoy your day.XOXOXOXO.

  16. hells bells i teared up reading this and looking at those two photos! happy birthday to david and congratulations to you, trent, on being the man he loves. xx

  17. kel

    happy birthday david! from one virgo to another :)

  18. Leo

    Happy Birthday David! Have a fantastic day!

  19. dclover

    happy birthday to david!!!!!!

  20. Hope your birthday was as special as you are, David. Happy, Happy and many more!

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