Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson Are Reportedly Getting Back Together


It’s been about 2 months since Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson broke off their relationship in the wake of her cheating scandal with 41 year old married director Rupert Sanders. Since that time, there has been a lot of heartache for Kristen, for Rob and for their legion of fans. Last month we heard that the studio promoting their final Twilight film (out later this year) is really hoping that the pair reconcile and it would seem that they have gotten their wish. According to new reports, K. Stew and R. Pattz have been meeting up secretly and according to “sources”, they are seriously working on a romantic reconciliation. Read on to learn more.

Speculation of a possible reconciliation between Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson has been swirling since the news broke that she cheated on him with director Rupert Sanders – and PEOPLE has learned that the couple did recently reunite. Stewart, 22, and Pattinson, 26, met up in Los Angeles over the weekend of Sept. 15, PEOPLE reports in its upcoming issue. And, according to an insider, the Twilight hunk’s pals “think they’ll be a couple again.” While Pattinson was completely heartbroken over the split, says another source, moving on is “easier said than done … and clearly harder than expected.”

“Sources” close to the couple are saying that Kristen and Rob are “working it out” which, if true, is a BIG WIN for true lurve. Without any real proof that these two have actually been hanging out, we have to take these reports at their word. But, I can absolutely see how a reconciliation might truly be in effect. I’m always going to root for love to win out in the end so I wish them all the best. The cynic in me isn’t 100% convinced by these reports because there is a huge financial investment in the reconciliation of these two Twilight co-stars. If they do reunite officially, can you imagine the attention they would garner just by stepping out together, hand in hand at … say, a Twilight promo event? It’s just so hard to believe anything at face value when it comes to the shenanigans of Showbiz but … I guess we can either take these reports at their word or succumb to cynicism. Which side are you on … Team Lurve or Team Cynicism?


  • dc

    Does this scream “publicity stunt” to anyone else? Considering the level of privacy these two managed to maintain throughout their relationship, it seems questionable the Kristen would be sloppy enough to allow herself to be photographed with Rupert Sanders in the first place… and now they’re “working it out”? I think everyone has benefited publicity-wise.

    Apparently I’m on Team Cynicism. :)

    • kendra

      I don’t understand these conspiracy theories..Why in the world would they fake the cheating scandal? What benefit is Kristen getting out of it? Being called a slut? And it very well might have broken up a family..I know Hollywood is all about money, but no one in their right mind would pull a stunt like this when there are kids involved! Now, the talk of them getting back together I can see as publicity, but not the cheating..

    • Joan

      Agreed. And “the talk of them getting back together” isn’t necessarily prompted by them, but by the media and, yeah, maybe the studio.

  • Hyzenthlay

    I love to root for love too. I just wish I could believe that any part of their relationship isn’t for show, despite their apparent attempts to keep it under wraps in the past. So, yay for them if “they” are true, because they are cute together. If not, it’s just pretty darn annoying.

  • Meghan

    I root for love and hope they can work things out, but the cynic in me things the studio is having them get back together for the movie premiere. I’m sure the studio is worried that the cheating scandal will effect the movie since it’s pretty apparent that many fans believe they are Bella and Edward.

  • VV

    If it’s true, he’s an idiot of the highest order.

  • Krissy

    I noticed when Jon Stewart made a reference to the fact that they had “broken up”, that Pattinson kind of looked like he was going to say something, but didn’t. Who knows if they truly broke up in the first place, it might have been a “break”. Sometimes couples can work through difficulties, sometimes they can’t.

    Ultimately, whether the relationship is real or fake doesn’t really matter to me. If they are happy and together, great. If they are faking it for promotion, the twihards will be happy. Nothing really changes the fact that I could never sit through a Twilight movie.

  • Shannon m.

    I was team Ryan and Rachel for so long.. rooting for them because The Notebook just made a great couple out of them. I guess i hopped on that dreaded bandwagon (i just wrote bangwagon hahaha) with Kristen and Rob. I love love so I can’t help it I guess. But, even if you’re a movie star getting paid millions, you still have feelings – and I can’t imagine how hard that must have been for both of them and I definitely can’t blame Rob for still wanting to be with her despite the agony and humiliation she caused him.

  • apriljan


  • Amanda M

    fuck that, cheat on me and we are done.

    although i am with shannon on the team rachel/ryan thing…. im also hoping that someday britney and justin will reunite. haha

  • Joan

    Team Cynicism! Let me quote Tina and say “what’s love got to do with it” to top it up. lol No, but seriously, if they do get back together THIS SOON (and in the wake of the BD premiere) and if I ever read a quote either of their mouths moaning about media attention and their un-Hollywood ways, I may burn the eff out of that thing.

    I can see them meeting, though. They have to promote BD whether they like it or not. They have plenty of stuff to work out before the awesomely awkward fest that awaits them. But taking that as far as to say a romantic reconciliation is in the works? Too much. The media loves to play this game. They need to find ways to keep the story alive until November.

    • Joan

      Clarification: I’m also “Team Cynicism” because I believe IT IS THE MEDIA and not them who are making most of these stories up for the sake of selling more magazine to gullible fans.

  • Holly

    Funny how they are getting back together before the release of the final Twilight film. I mean, if they are..well, then they are and whatever the public has no say in it. A major part of me thinks it’s the big wigs trying to salvage the “relationship” before the movie comes out.

  • Tracy

    I’m “Team Cynicism”…I would be very disappointed in Rob (as if he cared what I think). But, I feel once a cheater always a cheater. I believe it was Karma for Rob because he cheated with Kristen when she was seeing the other actor Michael A, and for Kristen this is her mo…I personally never really like them together, I did not buy into the Edward and Bella forever love. If they do get back together it won’t work you can forgive but you can’t forget, and Rob has plenty of pictures to remind him what Kristen is really like. I don’t believe in the whole photo shopped thing of the pictures of Rupert and Kristen. But, I do agree with others that the studio has and hand in them meeting up to promote their upcoming movie. How in the world can Rob ever trust Kristen again?

  • Shannon

    I can safely say that, while it will not effect my life immensely either way, I am absolutely, forever and always Team Lurve!

    Also, I have never been one to say ‘once a ____, always a ____’ whatever that ____ may be. Anyone can change, whenever they decide to do so, although all change is difficult and requires real work and commitment. Kristen may be faithfully-challenged now but that could absolutely change and while I don’t condone the public shaming AT ALL, I know that being embarrassed can sometimes wake a person up.

    As far as the ‘reunited’ rumors go, it could all very well be coming from the studios, but like Krissy said, Rob didn’t seem to confirm an actual break-up sooo ya never know!


  • Daryl Brice

    Even if they don’t get back together, their going to have to figure some sort of co-working relationship for when they have to promote the last Twilight movie and the endless interviews and worldwide premieres.

  • Jenny Lake

    I knew he would go back to her. He loves her too much for his own good. Have you seen photos of the way he looks at her? He adores her. So naturally he wants to give it another shot. But part of me is screaming “Run, Rob, Run”.

    Kristen is beautiful. She is interesting. She is funny. She is also spoiled. Arrogant. Rude. Delusional. She wants us all to think that she is not a typical Hollywood starlet – she’s worse. She’s a hypocrite.

    I wish Rob the best but it’s going to be a monumental task to forget that she cheated on him when he put his heart and soul into the relationship.

  • loyalground

    Is it for real? or just for publicity? What she did was unforgettable. Anyhow Rob still accepts her despite of everything so we must leave it there.