Amanda Bynes’s Parents Are Moving To LA In The Wake Of Her Odd Behavior


Despite Lindsay Lohan’s arrest early this morning in NYC, all of the talk lately in terms of trainwrecky behavior has centered squarely on former actress Amanda Bynes. As you may be well aware, Bynes has been involved in multiple car accidentsresulting in criminal charges for two of those hit and run accidents — as well as one arrest for drunk driving … all in the last 6 months. Just this week, after her car was impounded by police, Amanda was spotted exhibiting extremely odd behavior at a boutique here in LA in full view of anyone with eyes … and a camera. Just after Amanda’s DUI arrest back in April, her father Rick went on the record to maintain his belief that his daughter was innocent of the charges, insisting that his daughter doesn’t even drink alcohol. It would appear that he has changed his tune. According to a new report out today, Amanda’s parents have packed up their bags and have moved or are planning to move from Texas to LA so that they can be closer to their daughter during this tumultuous time in her life. If true, I think this is the BEST news ever for Amanda Bynes right now.

Amanda Bynes’ parents abruptly uprooted from their Texas home and moved to California to take care of their troubled daughter … TMZ has learned. Sources connected to the family tell us … what triggered their decision was Amanda’s DUI last April. We’re told the parents put their home in Cedar Park, TX up for sale … hoping to make a quick deal and get to Cali ASAP, but they couldn’t find a buyer. As Amanda’s situation got worse — hit-and-runs, what looked like pot-smoking photos, and lots of strange behavior — Bynes’ folks decided they couldn’t wait any longer and just leased their place out. One source told us the parents are NOT gunning for a conservatorship (a la Britney Spears) but merely want to be near their daughter as a support system. In the past our sources say the parents were adamant — Amanda did not have mental issues or a substance abuse problem. The parents are no strangers to SoCal — Amanda was born and raised in Thousand Oaks.

I honestly and truly hope this report is true, for Amanda’s sake and well-being … I just hope it’s true (because maybe they can help their daughter realize that rehab may be the answer). I think it’s very easy for outsiders to say “it’s about time” or “what took so long” but I can understand how some parents might be in denial about the terrible things they hear about their children. Who knows what Amanda’s parents knew and when they knew it … none of that actually matters. What does matter is that Amanda’s parents love her and they want to be with her now. That said, just because Amanda’s parents might be here in LA close to her, that doesn’t mean that her odd behavior will stop. From my outsider perspective, completely based on my own conjecture, I think Amanda is seriously screaming for help. The attention of her parents might go a long way in meeting that need for her … but it may not. I can only believe that her parents’ presence here in LA closer to their daughter can help … in some way, hopefully in a significant way. Time will tell but, if true, this is great news for Amanda.

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  • Ismael

    I think we can all agree this is the best thing for her, after all we saw how quickly things turned around once a certain Ma & Pa Spears jumped in and we’re all glad they did. :-)

  • Cupcake

    Glad they’re taking an interest but why not get her out of LA & move her to their home in TX? At least for a while? Its not like she has any obligations. Here’s to hoping she gets the help & support she needs. But then again no matter what it all comes down to HER wanting the help & realizing that she has a problem.

    • @Cupcake — “but why not get her out of LA & move her to their home in TX?” Probably because she’s an adult and if she doesn’t want to move there is nothing they can do about it? There are so many things that come to mind as to how Amanda can clean up her act but only SHE can decide to take action, despite what anyone (other than the law) says.

    • Cupcake

      Very true. Two ppl within my family were addicts & it tore my family apart. One finally woke up & got the help he needed & one, well she’s still dealing with her battle. Even when you get help & sober up its an ongoing battle that you will always have to face.

  • cmc

    Honestly, Amanda’s current problems really remind me of Britney’s meltdown vs. Lindsay Lohan’s. I feel really bad for her, and I bet her parents are scared. This is the exact age when many different types of problems begin to crop up (such as schizophrenia). In fact, her (reported) behavior reminds me a lot of one of my college friends that was diagnosed with schizophrenia a few years after we graduated. I’m glad her parents are going out there and stepping in before she hurts herself or others.