Amanda Bynes Makes Her First Court Appearance


A couple of weeks ago we learned that former actress Amanda Bynes was charged with two counts of hit and run not too long after she was charged with one count of drunk driving. Today, Amanda hauled her cookies into court to begin the legal process relating to these charges. Because Amanda was not incarcerated and she was allowed to go free on her own recognizance, the LA district attorney asked the ruling judge to impose a considerable bail on her in the wake of her continued illegal behavior (driving without a valid license, for example). While the judge did not impose the bail on her, he did have some stern words of warning for Ms. Bynes. Read on to learn more.

The judge in Amanda Bynes’ DUI case has had enough of her driving shenanigans — proclaiming if she breaks the law on the road again … it’ll cost her big time. Amanda’s lawyer showed up in to an L.A. courtroom today to fight the D.A.’s request to impose $50,000 bail on the actress for her DUI arrest. Right now, she’s out on her own recognizance — no bail. The D.A. argued Amanda has proven time and again she’s a danger on the road — with two hit-and-run charges hanging over her head — and wanted the judge to impose bail to deter her from further endangering people. But… the judge said Amanda’s alleged hit-and-run violations occurred BEFORE her license was suspended on August 25th, so he decided to give her a break … for now … rejecting the D.A.’s bail request. But the judge was crystal clear … if Amanda breaks ANY road rules from this day forward, he will impose a high enough bail to get her attention. Obviously, for now, she better not drive at all because her license is suspended. The judge didn’t specify an amount — but Amanda’s got money … so you can bet it will be high. The judge also reminded Amanda’s lawyer — she better not even think about getting behind the wheel until her license is reinstated.

And so it begins. Just like the early days of Lindsay Lohan’s “career” in the courtroom, Amanda Bynes now has her first court appearance under her belt. The only difference this time is that photogs weren’t waiting for Amanda’s arrival and departure from the courthouse so there don’t seem to be any photos of from her appearance earlier today. Depending on how seriously Amanda intends to push her reckless and illegal behavior, the press corps will likely start to pay attention. I dunno … it’s all so tired by now, isn’t it? Hasn’t Lindsay milked this behavior dry already? Warnings, warnings, warnings … do they ever work? I suppose they do in some instances but will they work on Amanda Bynes? I honestly don’t know. Now that her parents are paying attention to her behavior, maybe things will change but … we’ll just have to wait and see. Lindsay, it’s your move.


  • miguel

    Get that queenwreck award Amanda Laura Bynes!!

  • Jstar

    I don’t think she thinks she has any problems….you can’t help someone if they don’t think they have a problem

  • krib

    I dont understand why the paps werent out in full force on this one to snap a pic?

  • Courtney

    Where is that pic from thats used up top? Goodness….lol

  • Ariel Echeverria

    she is not even half famous as lindsay!! this is probably her 15 min of fame and propably all staged

  • Natalie

    That pic of her scared the shit out of me. She looks so distorted and weird, I’m going to have nightmares tonight.