Watch: Dina Lohan Makes An Embarrassing & Disastrous Appearance On ‘Dr. Phil’


Last week we got to preview Dina Lohan’s interview appearance on the Dr. Phil show which aired in full yesterday. Today we get to see clips from the show and further illustrate the bizarre and possibly intoxicated behavior that Dina exhibited thruout the entire interview. As you may recall, Dina looks like she was under the influence of … something … in the preview trailer we saw for the show last week. In watching the interview in full, it was plainly obvious to me that she was either just out of it or she was under the influence of some substance (alcohol? pills?). Today we get to see clips from Dina’s appearance on Dr. Phil since the full interview has not been made available online. The video embed above features a collection of Dina’s wackiest moments on the show. The video embeds below feature longer excerpts from the interview that, in sum, show you pretty much the entire interview. It’s fairly easy to see why Lindsay Lohan has so much personal turmoil in her life … especially when it’s clear how troubled her mother is.

Dr. Phil gets frustrated with Dina’s bizarre behavior:

Dina describes her marriage to Michael Lohan and reveals the abuse she endured while married to him:

Dina comments on her daughter Lindsay Lohan’s personal and legal struggles:

Dina responds to allegations made against her by ex-husband Michael Lohan:

Did any of y’all watch this interview yesterday? What did you think?

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  • Royal


  • Teófilo Roque Rivas

    I saw the first clip. That was painful to watch.

  • Jessica

    I’m embarrassed that I couldn’t stop watching, and I feel badly.

    • lk

      It’s like rubbernecking at a fatal accident, you don’t want to look but you can’t help yourself.

  • Juneh

    God, that was really embarassing..

  • Sandy!

    Am I the only one disturbed that Dina gets 20% from Lindsay?
    I mean even Kris Jenner only takes 10%

  • Andy

    Oh Dina Lohan, you’re the gift that keeps on giving.

  • Mario

    I watched the whole thing. The show was definitely, clearly cut and paste, here and there and things left out. As you see in the beginning, she clearly wanted to come out and tell the, tell all story. Although when it came to shooting, I feel as though she did take or do something too feel more comfortable, and express and tell more than what she would do sober? I ALSO feel as though, she reacted and acted the way she did in front of the camera because she got…”Camera Shy” and i mean, not by attention, but back thoughts and guilt of agreeing to do the show, but maybe NOT really wanting to do it anymore, because of embarrassment, and was scared of being judged after hearing the kind of questions that were being asked. Just my opinion.

    • Andy

      I could understand why she wouldn’t want to answer questions regarding her abuse and her former marriage, so I won’t go there because it’s her right to change her mind and be guarded. (and I’m reeeeeaaaally giving her the benefit of the doubt here.) However, throughout the rest of the interview, she pretty much did what she always does, give an endless array of excuses and provide meaningless soundbytes. How many times has Dina Lohan uttered the phrase “the truth will prevail” in regards to her daughter? Now she did it to cover her ass, and when she was asked what she meant by that she just couldn’t give a coherent response. When Phil confronted her about the letter that producer guy wrote regarding her daughter’s behavior, she claimed never to have received it, when the letter that was made public clearly has her as a recipient. And when she tries to explain why her daughter couldn’t commit to her contractual obligations, she comes up with a phony excuse that she mutters while looking at her feet. When she’s confronted about her odd behavior and about her refusal to acknowledge anything without trying to change the subject, she flips him off.

      Vintage Lohan.

    • Jstar

      @Andy could agree with you more…

  • Louigi12

    Oh how I wish Kristen Wiig was still on Saturday Night Live!

  • maru

    what a waste of breath. dina trying to act all flirty and cutesy. EPIC FAIL dina.

  • Kristi

    Dina was like a teeny bopper, flipping her hair and flirting with Dr. Phil, cracking jokes and acting as if she and Dr. Phil were on ‘the same level’. She wishes! I almost felt embarrassed for her and would have if she wasn’t such a nasty stain. It was a train-wreck that just got more and more mind blowing. She was trashed and/or on some other substances and looked like a complete idiot! I just don’t get people like that and quite frankly, I don’t want to.

    One of the saddest things is that SHE contacted Dr. Phil to apparently ‘set the story straight” on what a great mother she really is and the media has painted her in a negative light.
    In my very humble opinion, I’d say that the media has been more than kind!

    Dina is using her daughter as an ATM for face lifts, clothes and basically living a life style she hasn’t earned. She seems to have no problem that her daughter is a hot mess as long as the cash keeps flowing her way.

    It’s no wonder Lindsey turns to both legal and illegal substances to block out what her whacked out parents are and have been doing

    • Jstar

      @Kristi…could not have said it better. LiLo has been this family’s meal ticket since she was a child…did Dina even say how she currently supports herself and her other children???

  • miguel

    Dina: Is this like rolling?….

    Um….*stares at Dina*…Dina, are YOU rolling? MESS.

  • Sam

    Ouffff I lost it when she tried to fist-bump Dr. Phil….the definition of epic fail!! haha

  • nicholashoult

    Guys, take a look. Don’t you think Dr. Phil is acting way too snobbish? I am not trying to advocate Dina here, but, for instance, when she said “scrutinized by you people” she immediately clarified she was talking about the media. However, Dr Phil responded as if he had no clue what did she mean.

    Moreover, it was not the best argument to calm down Dina by saying that he is a professional interviewer. I am not saying he is not professional. I simply reckon it is not a ‘professional’ way to use that as an argument against your interviewee.

    • KLC

      Take a listen again. He wasn’t referring to TV as his profession. When he said he’s a professional and “been doing it for 30 years,” he’s referring to his career as a psychologist. Remember, he was a real doctor before Oprah brought him to our TVs. THAT’s why he comes off the way he does. He can recognized someone under the influence and then set how he’s going to speak to them. That’s what’s happening in the videos.

      I don’t think he recognizes himself as part of the “media” because he has tried to be a Doctor first. I don’t watch the show much, but from what I HAVE seen, that’s where he comes from.

    • JJ

      Dr. Phil is not a psychologist. He is not licensed as a psychologist. Period.

  • nicholashoult

    Dina is clearly desperate and needs help, and it was uncofmortable to watch Dr Phil being like a hyena next to a dead body. It was painful to watch both of them, actually.

    • @nicholashoult — I’m not the biggest Dr. Phil fan, at all. Actually, I dislike what he and Dr. Drew stand for in entertainment terms. But, I felt Dr. Phil was as gracious as he could be with Dina. He could’ve raked her over the coals and skewered her but he showed an insane amount of restraint, IMHO. He was even sympathetic to her in the end, I surprised by how impressed it was.

    • dc

      @trent – “Actually, I dislike what he and Dr. Drew stand for in entertainment terms. But, I felt Dr. Phil was as gracious as he could be with Dina.” … My thoughts exactly.

  • Nathan

    I watched the very first clip of the show that was made available a few days ago or whatever and couldn’t watch the whole thing. That lady is just as big of a mess as her daughter. Hopefully Alli isn’t going to end up like that, but……….

  • Dooley

    Its Sad what some people will do for Fast Cash.

  • Megan

    Wow. Lindsay (or any of their children) never really had a chance, did she?

    • lk

      LL is an adult and it’s her responsibility to get her shit together, her parents are a lost cause and only she is capable of fixing herself and up to this point she thinks she can do whatever she wants because she still thinks she has a career.

  • fmx

    It was really sad when she was like “The screen is moving too fast (listing Lindsey’s pitfalls).

  • LStu

    Its bad when you make Michael Lohan look credible. It was just scary how similar Dina’s behavior is to Lindsay’s. The apple does not fall far from the tree. I would be very worried about those other 3 kids.

    • Guest_dmr

      Two of the other 3 children are adults. Michael Jr. is 24, 25 in December, and graduated college summa cum laude. He works as an assistant VP for a bunch of sports bars. He shows none of the behavioral problems that his parents and sister Lindsay shows and doesn’t court the media. Aliana is quite different than Lindsay. She’s 18, 19 in December, and is lower key. She has a modeling contract but you won’t see her going to the media to show off, she keeps very quiet about everything and what little is said about her by people that have worked with her or met her is very positive: that she is responsible and level-headed. So, it is an interesting thing to look at the lesser known adult kids and see how they aren’t the wrecks their parents and sister is. The youngest boy is 16 and I don’t know much about him. A note about Aliana. You may see something about her having eating disorders and plastic surgery but that’s more rumor than substance and unproven. It’s what I feel the tabloids have been trying to pin something negative on her but doesn’t really stick.

  • rOXy

    LMAO. Dr. Phil: “I just want to give you a chance to tell your story and set the record straight so people know who you really are.” Dina sure took him up on that opportunity in a big way! AHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAAA!

  • Carrie

    I felt like I was watching an interview with Courtney Love circa 2003 – her cocaine and alcohol era.c

  • MJ

    It was so uncomfortable to watch. That line about “your little tie and your little shoes.” Seriously, WTF?

  • lk

    The younger alcoholic/drug addict didn’t fall far from the mother alcoholic/drug addict and Mama doesn’t have any more clue about herself than she does about her daughter.

  • SteveScar

    Dr. Phil isn’t remotely professional. He’s making a lot of money off this woman’s misery. Professional concern for this woman, admittedly a hot mess, would not involve releasing this interview for public consumption.