Movie Review: ‘Resident Evil: Retribution’


Last night I got to hang out with Darion for the first time since he returned home from his extended European cruise/vacation and because it’s what we do, we went out to the movies and saw Resident Evil: Retribution in IMAX 3D. Darion and I have seen every Res Evil movie together since we’ve known one another so we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to keep the tradition going. In all honesty, we knew we weren’t going to see a cinematic masterpiece but for one night together, we like to turn off our brains and enjoy the pretty pictures on the big screen. In the end, we both enjoyed the film very much and a fun time was had by all.

If you are looking for a strong piece of film work, then none of the Resident Evil films are for you. If you are looking for an over-the-top, fun popcorn movie to just get lost in then Retribution might be right up your alley. For the first time in the film franchise, this newest film seemed to really embrace the fact that the movie is based on a video game. Everything about the movie, from the costumes to the dialog to the action scenes … to the computer graphics … everything looked like the actual Resident Evil video game. Other movies based on video games take the premise of the game and adapt it into a real life expression of the themes and characters of the game. This time around, Retribution wasn’t even trying to tell a “real world story”, they are merely giving the audience a movie version of the actual game. At this point, if you’re at all interested in Resident Evil then this tact will prolly work successfully on you. It worked on Darion and me. The IMAX 3D was just massive … it added to the fun for both of us so, yeah, I enjoyed.

Tonight I have plans to attend a music event that I can’t wait to talk about tomorrow. I have a lot of stuff to do beforehand so … bizzy bizzy bizzy. Happy Tuesday!

  • Lacey

    I’m excited for the return of Oded Fehr. Probably the only reason I will watch this one.

    • @Lacey — OOOH, and he’s good in it :D

    • Tarryn

      He’s all I look for in the commercials but he’s never in them :(

  • Jean

    That’s probably why i didn’t really like this movie, because of how they very much based it on a video game – and that felt like the movie was oversimulated…BUT i like watching Alice + her crew in action. (Michelle Rodriguez is extra-badass in this movie)

    Overall for me the movie was okay…my least favourite out of all the Resident Evil movies though.

  • rOXy

    WHAT?!? Sheesh. You spend an entire evening with Darion and didn’t post a single pic of those blue eyes. Hmpf.