First Look: Christina Aguilera Teases Her New Music Video For ‘Your Body’


Last week we finally got to hear the official studio version of Christina Aguilera’s new single Your Body and a few weeks before we got our first look at Xtina on the set of her new music video. Well, the video is finished … but it has not yet been released. Xtina is ready to show us a short behind the scenes video that features clips from the making of the video as well as scenes from the video itself. Watch the video above to get your first look at Xtina’s new Body.

  • nicole

    looks like its gonna be good (and shes lookin pretty damn good too). im excited for it. im hooked on the song.

    • @nicole — I must confess … I’m hooked on the song too. I have high hopes for the album if ‘Your Body’ is any indication :D

  • cutitout

    Her “cleav-lage” looks lucious in that pic and the face is perfect. She has some gorgeous eyes. Anyways, it looks fun and the song is hot, the video looks like it might be fun. Proud Stan moment.

  • Dooley

    Love the Song,Video looks Hot !!But She could lose 15 lbs and 10 lbs of Fake Tan.LOL! Make Up Will never look good over the Fake Orange Tan.

  • Dach

    Love the song. I want to hear the other version as well. It looks like it will be a fun video. I’m ready to get my hands on that cd. Happy to see and hear new material. Miss those strong vocal pipes.

    • @Dach — The other version only replaces “love your body” with “fuck your body” but to me sounds like “funk your body”. The song sounds exactly the same, tho.