First Listen: Missy Elliott Releases Her New Singles ‘9th Inning’ & ‘Triple Threat’ In Full


Last month we heard that Missy Misdemeanor Elliott was planning to release two new singles in early September and in early September we heard Missy tease those new singles. Today, at long last, we FINALLY get to hear the studio versions of Missy’s new songs IN FULL. The video embed above features her single 9th Inning. Click below to hear her single Triple Threat. Both tracks feature Timbaland singing/rapping alongside the fabulous Miss E. Take a listen, see what you think. Missy’s back, y’all … life is good!

  • nicole

    FINALLLLLLY! lovin 9th inning. i knew i missed Missy & Timbo..i didnt realize how much until now. these songs are now on all day repeat.

  • Sam

    These two were made to work together, they just feed off each other’s energy. Awesome stuff, thanks Trent!

  • Shannon

    ‘I’ll slap whoever said I’m irrelevant,’ LMAO. Love it!