Who Is Sam Riley And Why Is He Hot?


I’m not gonna lie, y’all. After that Joseph Gordon-Levitt post, I had a seriously difficult time finding a new hot person for us to profile. For a minute (and around the time E! kept showing Julie and Julia) I thought I was into Chris Messina, but then that fell apart. And then I was trying to figure out if Paul Dano was hot, but realized it was just that I loved his new movie For Ellen… but that he, himself wasn’t necessarily hot (but his acting totally is). It was a really difficult time for me! I realize now that I’ve been comparing all possible hot guys to JGL and that is not fair. The only way to find a new hot person of the week is to put our last hot person of the week behind me (if only for a moment), so as to properly focus on the the new person’s hotness. Enter Sam Riley. Peep the gallery and join me inside to get to know this week’s Hot-Person-Who-I-Didn’t-Know-I-Was-Into-Until-Recently!

When I saw Sam Riley in this photo shoot with my fave supermodel Joan Smalls, I was all like, who is Sam Riley? And why do I feel like he’s hot? Well Sam is, apparently, kind of a big deal. Although Kristen Stewart’s name is the one most associated with the upcoming film On The Road, Sam Riley actually plays Jack Kerouac’s alter ego, Sal Paradise and thus has a hugely important role. So there’s that to be excited about. And then there’s this:

Everything you need to know about why Sam Riley Is Hot:

Now tell me you didn’t die after his overrated/underrated answers! C’mon! Although it should be stated that the paradox here is that Sam seems absolutely uninterested in being hot or being considered hot. In fact I’m sure he’d resent this post, lol. But dammit, that’s what makes him so hot!

Okay, now here’s why this post is totally superficial (other than the title and, like, whole premise of picking a hot person of the week… lol). I have never actually seen this man’s acting! Messed up, right? Okay wait. Let me change that real quick:

Alright, now I’ve seen him act. The post is valid and his hotness has been confirmed. Now for those of you who’ve actually, actually seen an entire film of his (like Control or Brighton Rock) I’d looove to hear from you. Am I right? On screen, is this guy hot? Because I feel like he is. Hot.

[Source] [Photo Credit: Wenn]

  • blb

    i’ve only seen him in control (i love joy division) but he was AMAZING as ian curtis…had forgotten about him until he started popping up recently. i agree…hot! good call.

    • Jess

      I agree, the one that sticks out for me is Control. What a great movie. Rather depressing but oh so mesmerising!

  • Anna

    You have to see “Control” he portrays Ian Curtis of “Joy Division”!

  • Canuck

    He also did a Burberry Campaign a couple of years back. He’s another actor who has had a lot more face time in England then he has in North America.