Watch: Usher Talks Marriage And Divorce (And Sleeping With His Ex-Wife’s Bridesmaid?!) On ‘Oprah’s Next Chapter’


A few days ago we heard that Usher would be giving his first and last interview about his very public, very dramatic family troubles on Oprah’s Next Chapter. We watched Rihanna share some very intimate, serioust stuff a while back and Usher is now, apparently, doing the same. We have the full video and I am so psyched to watch, but have been asked/specifically instructed to wait until the love of my life gets home from work so we can watch together. Aghh! The things you do for lurve. I was excited just to learn more about the custody decision (many of us were surprised when Usher was given primary custody) but then I heard that Usher sort of, kind of, or totally confessed to sleeping with his ex-wife Tameka’s BRIDESMAID and I just cannot. I’ve only watched the first few minutes and I’m into it. Oprah is really digging (as only she can) and methinks Usher is definitely going to reveal some epic information. Peep the full interview above and tell me if, by the end of it all, you’re lurving, hating, or indifferent-ingĀ Usher Raymond.


  • Stephyhugz

    Hated it!! I may be a rare breed but I am #TeamTameka.. I wasn’t always a Tameka fan but over the years as their private lives were smeared all over the tabloids I started to feel bad for her. Usher is a pompous a$%hole!! And I have lost ALL respect for him. The interview only reiterated to me that I can’t stand his ole trifling arse! (wait why am I so mad like I know them??) LMAO ok back to work! :)

    • Shannon

      Stephyhugz, omg! I’m so happy to hear from someone on TeamTameka. When Usher first got married my best friend was OBSESSED with Tameka and really defended her on the daily, lol. I totally feel where you’re coming from. I never felt like Usher was that awesome of a guy, but I think these divorces and custody battles really really bring out the worst in people. Tameka has tweeted some pretty foul stuff and lost it too; it’s all pretty bad.

      I’d be really interested in seeing if someone will offer Tameka an exclusive interview…

      Thanks for commenting Stephyhugz :)

  • Stephyhugz

    Don’t even get me started on the custody case… I know crack whores who still have their kids!! I guess money can buy anything!! Tameka has done her dirt but what scorned women hasn’t?? (I know I have!) I feel for her as a mom… She’s been through enough she just lost her son and now this jerk and his momma are on television doing interviews? I love me some Oprah but there are two sides to every story. Now Tameka, Chris Brown, and Ocho need their voice to be heard!!