Kelly Osbourne Debuts A Brave New Look In London


By now, most of us have come to terms with Kelly Osbourne’s grayish, purple-ish hair color. Some of us (myself included) maybe even kinda love it. But now we’ve got a whole new Kelly Osbourne ‘do to try to make sense of, folks! It’s the beehive… sort of. It’s like a beehive or an up-do only pointier and more futuristic and then she’s got these glasses and– you’re gonna need to check out the gallery. Let me also say that I love, love, love the rest of Kelly’s look. Her shoes are especially fab and I think her dress is adorable. But I can’t help wondering what her Fashion Police co-hosts are gonna have to say about the 2012 beehive, lol. What do you guys think about the new look? You likey?

Photo Credit: Fame Flynet

  • kendra

    I wish they’d get rid of her on Fashion Police..In small doses she’s ok..But her constant name-dropping and kissing booty gets tiresome..And her hair looks ridiculous here, but she’s probably the only person who can semi pull it off..The hair color has totally grown on me, too..Girl looks good..Just..Super annoying.. :)

    • Shannon

      kendra, true story: I used to looooaaaathe Kelly when she was on the Osbourne reality show. OMG. But I like her now… although I hear you on the name-dropping stuff, lol!

  • No.

    • Shannon

      Trent, lmao! Short and sweet :)

  • Serenity

    I love unicorns!

    I do not love this hairstyle.

    • Shannon

      Serenity, you nailed it! I knew it reminded me of something mythical, lmao!

  • nicole

    it looks like something took a poop on her head.

    i dont get how kelly is on FP. half the time her outfits & her hair (like this style and colour) look horrible.

    • rOXy


  • rOXy

    Enough with the lavender hair already. It’s played out. KO’s is a cute as a bug, but that hair color makes her look like a little old gray haired lady. I have ranted, I have pleaded. I have yelled. But she continues to disobey and it’s not healthy for her.