Kellan Lutz Strips Down To His Underwear For A Beach Photoshoot


Kellan Lutz was spotted on a beach in Malibu, CA this weekend posing for a photoshoot and along the way, he had to do a few wardrobe changes to try on different looks. Instead of rushing off to hide behind a sand dune or something, Lutz decided to just strip off his clothing and change out there in the open … much to the delight of others (I’m sure). As you might expect, there were photogs in the area and, well, they share the experience with all of us. For the most part, the photos may be considered safe for work (since Kellan is not nekkid) but he is in his underwear so … proceed with caution (and glee).

He was one of the featured models in the 2010 Calvin Klein X underwear campaign. And Kellan Lutz displayed his impressive posterior and chiseled form while changing during a photo shoot on a Malibu beach last Friday. Literally caught with his trousers down, the 27-year-old Twilight hunk was seen wearing only a snug pair of black boxer briefs as he changed into brown plaid trousers. A nearby stylist assisted dressing Kellan in a variety of trousers, henley tops, and sweaters on the sand in 100-degree temperatures … Not seen today was his Australian girlfriend Sharni Vinson, whom the stud has has been dating for a year.

Clearly this is the kind of news that the world needs to be made aware of. If Kellan Lutz is droppin’ trou, people gotta know about it. It looks like he really didn’t mind putting on the show for the folks watching so … it looks like a win/win situation to me :)

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

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