Halle Berry Looks Amazing In Daisy Dukes And A Bikini Top On The Beach


Okay Halle. So, technically summer’s not over yet. But did you reeeallly have to give us one last look at what is possibly THE greatest summer bod of all time? Yes, yes you did. Everyone, Halle Berry was spotted at the beach in front of her Malibu home wearing the daisiest of daisy dukes and a little blue bikini top; she looked like a 19 year-old on summer vacay. So annoying, lol! She was also surrounded by some loving neighbors, who were kind and supportive enough to give the paparazzi the finger. We all need friends like that in this cold, cruel, paparazzi-filled world. Anyway, we all know that Halle Berry is going through a custody battle of epic proportions and although I may wonder about her family-related decisions, in this moment I can only marvel at the flawlessness that is her body. Marvel with me, in the gallery.

Photo Credit: Insight News And Features

  • fab4runner

    Those boobs.