First Listen: The ‘Glee’ Version Of ‘Oops I Did It Again’ By Britney Spears Hits The Internets


Last week we got to see the promo video for this week’s Britney Spears tribute episode of Glee and a few days before we got to hear the Glee versions of the Britney songs Gimme More and Boys. Today, just ahead of the television debut of the Britney 2.0 episode this coming Thursday night, we get to hear the Glee version of Oops I Did It Again. As you can hear above, Oops is performed by Lea Michele’s character Rachel Berry. Take a listen, see what you think.

  • Lexeeee

    I dig it :D

  • blaqfury

    It irks me so that lea michelle is still on glee. i was so for the idea, that they graduate and go. Seeing half the premiere was about her, i have to admit, i’m considerably less enthused to watch this season… i’m sure as everything comes back, this show will slowly drop off my list (especially on the heavily competitive Thursday night)… it’s been a good run glee…

    • Joan

      haha Rachel Berry/Lea Michelle IS Glee, though. Kind of.

  • Thomas

    I really like it! I haven’t been into Glee much lately but caught last week’s episode which I thought was pretty good. I’m pumped for this week’s episode, if only because it’s Britney music again. How could I not watch something Britney related?

  • Anne

    Ugh, way to destroy a Britney song. Not AS bad as Hit Me Baby One More Time, but Lea Michele sure does ruin every song she gets to sing. She really gets on my nerve! Arrgh!

  • vintage

    sorry, don’t like how lea michele sings it. she has a great voice and all, but i don’t think this song fits her. i think our dear brittany would have done a better job. i loved when she thought she was britney spears in the previous britney spears episode. lol.