Amanda Bynes Pulled Over By Police (AGAIN), Has Car Impounded (Finally!)


After much jubilant celebration at the news that trainwreck former actress Amanda Bynes had her drivers license suspended in the wake of multiple hit and run charges and one DUI charge (all in the span of 6 months), many of us were HORRIFIED by the evidence that Amanda was able to continue driving (among other things) even after she was pulled over by police DESPITE the fact that she was not legally allowed to be behind the wheel. Yesterday, the long arm of the law FINALLY caught up with Bynes — which is welcome news. Amanda was pulled over by police as she drove around SoCal and was cited for driving on a suspended license. This news in and of itself is good news … but the BEST news is that police impounded her car so that she no longer has a car to drive, even if she wants to.

Amanda Bynes’ suspended license finally caught up with her today — TMZ has learned she was pulled over by police and had her car impounded. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … Bynes was pulled over in her black BMW around 9:00 AM in Burbank, CA. We’re told when cops ran her license they discovered it was suspended. According to our sources, cops impounded the vehicle and issued her a misdemeanor ticket for driving on a suspended license. As TMZ first reported, Bynes was pulled over on September 9 — but despite having the suspended license, she was given only a verbal warning and let go. She was not as lucky this time.

All kidding aside and I say this without any sense of exaggeration, the police have FINALLY done something to possibly save Amanda Bynes’s life … and/or the life of some innocent driver who might encounter her on the road. Look, it’s clear to me that Amanda is SCREAMING for help. She wants someone to notice her dangerous behavior and give a damn. I have no idea what, if anything, her family and friends are doing behind the scenes but it’s plainly obvious to me that her bold behavior behind the wheel in the wake of her license suspension is a desperate attempt to be noticed … and possibly cared for? I dunno. Without a valid license, Amanda will be unable to rent a car … and barring some dumb fool giving her a car to drive, she might finally be kept off the streets. It’s really sad to see how far her life continues to spiral downward. The streets of LA *should* be safe for a while now … but, then again, that’s what I thought when Bynes had her license suspended. We’ll have to wait and see what Amanda will do next … but I’m actually afraid to find out.


  • Meghan

    This girl is going to kill someone.