Watch: Madonna Dedicates Performance Of ‘Masterpiece’ To Lady Gaga


During her performance at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, NJ last night, Madonna dedicated her performance of her Golden Globe-winning song Masterpiece to Lady Gaga. It’s unclear if Madonna was being sarcastic or if she was being genuine but … she announced that the song was being dedicated to Gaga. Madonna then added, “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” … which sounds a bit like a dig. BUT, she goes on to say that she likes Gaga and she promised to share the stage with her “soon”. Again, we can’t be sure if Maddy was kidding, if she was being a jerk or if she was being sincere. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Check out the video above … it starts out with a performance of Holiday and then at about the 6:00 mark you can hear Maddy’s dedication to Lady Gaga and then her performance of Masterpiece. What do you think?

  • Xadax
  • J.

    Jesus Madonna, get over it. You are teetering on irrelevance. You’re not the only pop star to have ever lived and struck popularity. Let Lady Gaga do her thing and stop embarrassing yourself.

    • Lisbeth Slander

      Contrary to what deluded monsters believe, Madonna will never be irrelevant. She is the most successful female artist in the history of recorded music. The problem with “letting Gaga do her thing”, is the fact she’s very often NOT doing her own thing and ripping pages out of Madonna’s playbook left, right and center. When Gaga’s own creative director ADMITTED they were down right copying Madonna, which anyone with eyes can see, obviously Madonna herself is going to have an opinion on it and therefore should be allowed to express herself in any manner she sees fit.

    • J.

      Haha ok.
      Maybe take a chill pill?
      A “deluded monster”

    • Joe

      Madonna, copied Kylie’s style, and image a couple of times, but you don’t hear Kylie yapping about it… Get over yourself Madonna.

  • Alichia

    I saw her concert this past Wednesday in Chicago and the overall sentiment among our entire group… TRAINWRECK. Extremely violent (for no reason), horrendous sound quality, unnecessary ass-showing by Madge, list goes on and on.

    However, at our show she actually sang ‘Born This Way’. I felt that made her look like the smaller person. We get it M, you’re the original I don’t think people are really arguing that, just let it go be the bigger (and 54 year old) person!