Watch: John Mayer Joins Frank Ocean On The ‘Saturday Night Live’ Stage


Okay, as you guys know I kinda get inappropriate when Frank Ocean performs live so here we go. Inappropriate time. Frank Ocean performed on the season premiere of Saturday Night Live last night and John Mayer took the stage with him for two songs; Thinkin Bout You and (omg yes my favorite song off of Channel Orange and the song that redefined my summer) Pyramids! I didn’t catch the show but I’ve sooo been enjoying these videos. Still, I’d love to hear from anyone who watched! Was it… funny? That promo video had me excited for Frank but nervous about… the funny part, lol. I’m curious about how it all went down.

Anyway, back to staring into Frank Ocean’s eyes for the next 3-7 minutes. Watch his Pyramids performance above and click inside to hear him go acoustic on Thinkin Bout You.

Frank Ocean does SNL: Thinkin Bout You

Some people have critiqued Frank for being an amazing talent that does not deliver amazing performances, at least in terms of connecting with his audience. Personally, I connected with him just fine, lol. But that’s just me… and the fact that I’ve convinced myself that 98% of his songs are about us and how our love will never be…

But what do y’all think of Frank’s live show?

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  • Lacey Kost

    lol, ‘love that will never be…’ isn’t that the sad sad truth…..

    • Shannon

      Lacey Kost, lmao! In MY mind, the relationship will never work because I’ve built a life with another… totally has nothing to do with the fact that Frank may or may NOT even be attracted to my type, lol.