Watch: Jay Pharoah Is Barack Obama In A Pretty Awesome ‘Saturday Night Live’ Skit


Who says SNL isn’t funny anymore?! Okay… a lot of people say SNL isn’t funny anymore. Still, I found TWO funny things that happened on Saturday Night Live last night, so there! Jay Pharoah opened the show as the new Barack Obama and I was CRACKING UP! If you missed, you gotta check out the video above. You will lurve, I promise. ‘Barack’ explains the importance of the first black president having adorable young daughters instead of creepy older sons (very important, America) and re-introduces us to his secret weapon. Loved it. Peep the video above and click inside to see what Clint Eastwood and The Chair are up to. Don’t act like you haven’t been wondering. Enjoy!

The Infamous Duo Returns:

LMAO. I think I love Jay Pharoah :) And I love the shouts-out to the NYC soda ban we’ve all been debating about! Good times, good times.


  • kendra

    I thought it was weak..The puppet segment was easily the highlight of the episode! (And I’ll take the super good-looking older sons over a pair of girls any day!)

  • Courtney

    Loved the cuts to his “Secret Weapon” lol

  • Guest

    I’ll gladly watch the video, look at it, have a look at it or even check it out. But I will not “peep” it.