Watch: Former ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Contestant Jael Is Battling A Meth Addiction


If you caught Dr. Phil the other day you might have seen Jael Strauss, a young woman from Cycle 8 of America’s Next Top Model. Sadly, Jael was featured on the show as Dr. Phil attempted to orchestrate an intervention of sorts. The former aspiring model, who finished fifth on ANTM is now a struggling meth addict. Some of you may remember that during the competition one of Jael’s friends back home died from a drug overdose. So it’s especially sad to hear that she’s falling victim to the ills of her own environment. The troubling promo video is above and it’s as disturbing as the Dina Lohan promo for Dr. Phil that we saw yesterday, although Dina’s was so ridiculous it was funny. Seeing a young woman like this is really just sad. Here’s hoping she gets the help that she needs.


  • Sarah

    Video doesn’t work for me!

    • Shannon

      Thanks Sarah, I was using a faulty code. Try it now!

  • Lulu

    I remember her… so heartbreaking to see anyone like this. :(

  • Ella

    That’s really really sad. I had a few friends back in the day who remind me of her before the meth got her. It’s scary to think how differently their lives could have gone and that they could have ended up like Jael.

  • JJ

    Super sad. I met her a few times about 5 years ago, she had it pretty together then. She was so beautiful. It’s really unfortunate what drugs can do to a person.