Watch: ‘Saturday Night Live’ Releases Seth MacFarlane & Frank Ocean Promo Videos


Last month we learned that Seth MacFarlane has been selected as the host of this weekend’s 38th season premiere episode of Saturday Night Live. Yesterday, we saw a photo of Frank Ocean rehearsing as the musical guest. Today we get to check out the promo videos released for this weekend’s episode of SNL and both Seth and Frank are featured in the clips. I’m very bummed to see that the promos are not funny … at all. But I suppose we can hope that the episode itself will contain actual humor. I mean … right? Meh. Even if not, we can be sure that Frank Ocean will deliver an amazing performance so … yeah. Check out the video above and see what you think. Does this video give you hope that this weekend’s ep of SNL will be worth watching?

  • Lauri

    I gave up on SNL quite some time ago…it’s been so ‘meh’ for the last few years. Though, I still hold a little hope that someday it will actually amuse me enough to watch. Timberlake is about the only guest I ever look forward to on it, because somehow’s he’s always great.

    Frank starts a great music-season hopefully. Maybe since MTV doesn’t actually play music anymore…SNL can just start being about music….Bleh. :D

  • Sam

    I mean Seth MacFarlane is a mediocre comedian at best soooo I wouldn’t expect much. Frank Ocean on the other hand…I’m sure he’ll be great!