Watch Now: Steven Spielberg’s ‘Lincoln’ Gets Its First Trailer


Earlier this week we heard about the official premiere of the trailer for Lincoln and now it’s here! Whenever something of this magnitude is in the works, there can be a lot of skepticism. Steven Spielberg (the director) and Daniel Day-Lewis (in the lead) are taking on the biopic of Abraham Lincoln and this is no small potatoes. But I’ve just watched the trailer… and I’m into it! Mainly because I didn’t see Daniel Day-Lewis anywhere. In my opinion– and based on about two minutes of footage– he has absolutely disappeared into this role. I cannot wait to see how the complete film turns out.

What do you guys think? There are absolutely no vampires in this movie, so there’s that to get excited about! Unless of course you prefer your historical biopics with vamps, in which case you may be disappointed :)

Lincoln hits theatres November 16.


  • kendra

    My son is going to crap himself when he sees this..He’s a huge history buff and Lincoln is one of his favorites..Even when fighting vamps!

    • Shannon

      Lol, that’s awesome kendra! I think he can expect good things from this one :)

    • Krissy

      I think that is great that your son is a fan of such a worthy person! Well done, Kendra!

  • Ella

    I cried. Looking forward to the film!

    • Shannon

      Ella, I feel you! I might get emotional up in the movie theatre myself :)

  • Sam

    Daniel Day-Lewis can probably play an apple and make it convincing. He’s a brilliant actor! There will be blood is one of my fave movies ever