Watch: Everyone Is Saying Dina Lohan Is Wasted In This ‘Dr. Phil’ Promo

That-Ish-Cray Of The Day
She Get It From Her Mama?

So, ya girl Dina Lohan is ging to be on Dr. Phil (because… duh) and all hell has broken loose on the interwebs via this new promo. I’m not gonna lie… the clip is funny as hell. But there is definitely some (or much) cause for concern. As Dr. Phil goes in on Mama Lo, her reactions are just the absolute best. In one minute and one second I laughed so hard and SMH sooo many times, it was unreal. There are so many quotables, I just can’t. But here’s one of my faves (in reaction to daughter Lindsay Lohan‘s various legal troubles): “If she was living in New York five of them would be obsolete.

Peep the clip and enjoy today’s That-Ish-Cray Of The Day. Oh, it should be noted that Dina Lohan has come forward and said that she was not drunk during the interview. Hope that doesn’t ruin the fun of it all… don’t think it will :)


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  1. Sandy!

    Of course she wasn’t drunk, she was high!

    • Sandy! LMAO! I love your name too; I struggled with it for a moment because I so wanted to write Sandy! but then it would have looked like Sandy!!

      And that would have been strange. Thanks for commenting :)

  2. This woman is a menace. While I absolutely believe that Lindsay Lohan is responsible for her own actions, it has always been clear to me that many of her problems stem from the influence of both of her parents. Dina Lohan is a mess, plain and simple. I weep for her children, I really do.

  3. Dr. Phil’s reaction when she says “little tie and little shoes” is effing brilliant! Geebus..This woman is a mess..Thank goodness she put her mess-ness out there for us all to see!

  4. She pretty much summed up the entire problem when she asked if she could go home now: if things look tough, clearly the solution is to look the other way and act like it never happened.

  5. This lady is a hotmess and clearly needs help.

  6. Sam

    I love how he says “You people?!?!” like she just said a racial slur or something, loool! Also, I agree with Sandy. She’s not drunk, she’s high as a effin’ kite!

  7. Leisha

    Hahaha, when Dr Phil says “Worst mother in America” “worst parent ever” I thought Dina answered “that’s so me!”

    But wow, she is a mess… love the “5 of them would be obsolete” comment. Yep, any normal, non-morally-challenged person would look at it that way, I’m sure.

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