This Kansas-Born Male Model Had The Best NY Fashion Week Ever


May the gods bless the ladies over at Fashionista. They had the brilliant idea of getting a super new, super hot male model to chronicle his very first NY Fashion Week and what a week it was! The model… whose name escapes me because I never actually read the article and am now going back to do that, having already pulled all the crazy sexy pictures that I want for the gallery… (pause) Melton, yes that’s right! Melton (somebody make an M&M joke NOW) grew up an army brat, then started playing football for Kansas State University. But he had (and still has) dreams of becoming an actor, and so attended an open casting call, and got scouted by a modeling agency. And the rest is history! See? I was totally paying attention to the article. Ish. But seriously, peep the gallery. His photos are something of legend. Happy Friday ladies and gents :)

Okay fine. I’ll make the M&M joke: He Meltons Your Mouth, Not In Your Hands


  • Megan

    They look like jacobs pack

  • June

    GREAT Job Charles. What a great week for you. I agree with Megan………….they do look like Jacobs pack :)