The Royal Family Slams Paparazzi Over Kate Middleton’s Topless Photos


As you all know by now the Duchess Of Cambridge, Kate Middleton was photographed topless while on vacation in Provence, France. The photographs were published by the French magazine Closer and the incident is raising lots of interesting questions about privacy (or lack thereof) for the Royal Family and the excessive and obsessive nature of the paparazzi. Now the Palace is speaking out and condemning the actions of the magazine and the photographers, going so far as to compare the incident to the tragic events that lead to the death of Princess Diana in 1997. Click inside to read more about the Royal Family’s reaction to yet another nude photo scandal.

Kate Middleton is furious over the release of topless pics taken while on vacation with Prince William in France … and now the Royal Family is threatening to sue someone’s ass over it.

The pics — published by the French magazine Closer — show Kate taking off her bikini top while hanging out with William last week at a chateau owned by the Queen’s nephew, Lord Linley.

Moments after the pic went public, the Royal Family issued a scathing statement … saying “Their royal highnesses have been hugely saddened to learn that a French publication and a photographer have invaded their privacy in such a grotesque and totally unjustifiable manner.”

In the statement, the Royal Fam said the incident is “reminiscent of the worst excesses of the press and paparazzi during the life of Diana, Princess of Wales” … who died in a car crash while fleeing from the paparazzi in France back in 1997.

The Royal statement continued, “Their royal highnesses had every expectation of privacy in the remote house. It is unthinkable that anyone should take such photographs, let alone publish them.”

“Officials acting on behalf of their royal highnesses are consulting with lawyers to consider what options may be available to the Duke and Duchess.”

“The Duke and Duchess remain focused currently on their tour of Singapore, Malaysia, Solomon Islands and Tuvalu on behalf of the Queen.”

Closer magazine has a UK version as well, which IMMEDIATELY DISTANCED itself from its French counterpart, saying it would “like to make it clear that the two publications make entirely independent editorial decisions. In this respect the comments made by the Editor of the French edition which have reported in the media today do not reflect the opinions of Closer magazine UK.”

“Closer magazine UK takes its obligations under the PCC Code extremely seriously and would never publish topless images of a member of the Royal family on its cover or otherwise.”

This is the third time in less than a month a member of the royal family was caught in a photo scandal/ Prince Harry famously partied in the buff in Las Vegas and Prince Philip was caught in an upskirt moment when he wore a kilt (without underwear) to an event in Scotland.

I am so curious to hear what you guys think about all this. A lot fo you have been weighing on on Trent’s post and so many good issues are being raised. In the world of pop culture and celeb gossip there’s always this underlying question of privacy and ‘going too far’ for a good story. I think we all accept that celebrities (which include the Royal Family) sacrifice a certain amount of privacy in exchange for their good looks and good clothes and, well, money. But do we sometimes ask them to sacrifice too much?

Do y’all think the ‘razzis in France were just doing their job? Or were they wrong for publishing such private photos of the Duchess? Another issue here is the class issue. We see lots of um compromising photos of celebrities all of the time, but some of you have pointed to the ‘Duchess’ factor as the problem here. That is to say, are we more outraged because of Kate Middleton’s status? One could also argue that– because of that very status– she should be more aware of her every move (seemingly private or otherwise). These questions always fascinate me because when you start saying one type of photography is wrong, then all others must come into question. For example, I hate seeing pictures of celebs shielding their children from the blinding light of fame/paparazzi, but I also love seeing celebs with their children. On the one hand I want ‘razzis to respect the privacy of family time and all that awesomeness… but then sometimes I really wanna see Matthew McConaughey’s crazy gorgeous kids, lol. See? It gets tricky!

I think one issues is that so many of us legitimately like Kate Middleton! She seems like such a sweetheart, like someone who is seriously not looking or asking for this kind of attention, and so in a way we are inclined to defend her honor.

[Source] [Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin]

  • Ashley

    While I understand the French magazine’s defense, ethically they should not have printed them. She is a Princess for cris sakes!

    • @Ashley — Technically, she’s a Duchess.

    • Ashley

      Same thing, right? lol Lets just say she is ROYAL.

  • Kiki

    I think that the Britsh comedian Stephen Merchant said it best in his tweet, “If I take photos of topless women with a long lens I’m a pervert. But if I sell them to major news publications I’m a paparazzo. How so?”

    • Shannon

      Kiki, thanks for commenting. Love that tweet! But with fame comes relativity. It wouldn’t be normal for a grown man to take pics of another man and his kids, but if that grown man is paparazzi and the the other man is a celebrity, then the rules change. It may not be fair, but it’s real!

  • Shivers

    I think it is extremely classless for the magazine to publish those photos. The issue at hand here in my opinion is not the fact that she was topless, I mean all women have boobs and sunbathing topless is pretty normal in a lot of places; what is bothersome about this whole thing is just the massive invasion of privacy. It seems like Kate and Will do such a wonderful job of being as dignified and classy as possible and it just saddens me that any magazine would try to make a cheap buck by playing peeping tom and invading their private space.

    • Shannon

      Shivers, ‘extremely classless ‘ indeed! The problem is, many of us don’t expect a lot of magazines that cover celebrity gossip to HAVE class, lol. I see this as a really dramatic version of what happens every day. But it’s interesting to see where many of us are drawing the line for paparazzi and celeb photos. Thanks for commenting!

  • Joanna

    The Paparazzi will do anything to make a quick buck or quick thousands as the case may be. I mean this has been going on for years and as unfortunate as it may be it’s the reason Princess Diana was killed. I just don’t want to see anything as tragic as that happen to William and Kate. I can’t believe the paparazzi have not learned their lesson after what has it been 15 years already? The Duke and Dutchess’s entourage is obviously not doing enough to keep them out of the spotlight when they are not at high profile events.

  • Hannah

    I think the worst part was how far away the paparazzi were. I think I read two miles! If they are out in public, go ahead take their picture. If you have to zoom in from two miles away because they are in such a private area you are in the wrong.

    • marlowam

      you’re exactly right. If this was somewhere public – even a hotel – maybe I would accept the excuse that they’re celebrities and it comes with the territory. But they were in a private residence and the paparazzi had to use a high powered lens to even get the shot. It’s really sick.

  • Jo

    She wasn’t sunbathing on a public beach, she wasn’t getting in a car on the streets of LA looking for paps, she was on a private balcony at a private home and no one should be snapped in those situations. Nevermind the fact that this behaviour was rampant during the life of William’s mother and is ultimately what caused her death.

    Totally different to the famewhores you get everyday on TMZ, as much as I dislike the royal family.

  • rOXy

    Using zoom to photograph people who are spending private time in a private place is going too far. If she had not been topless, the photos wouldn’t have sold for high dollar. Since the mag paid big bucks for them, they had to make use of them. It looks like they will be getting their return and then some. Still, this type of stalking needs to be discouraged. Paps have their place, but they should wait for shots taken in neutral photo op friendly places. What’s next? Will be seeing blurry zoom pictures of her on the “throne”? Even though some rag mags have no shame in their classlessness, I am glad to see that PITNB isn’t one of them.

  • Krissy

    I think the line is crossed when you have to invade people’s private space (whether it be their home, hotel room, etc.) If someone is on the street or at an event, that is a different matter. I also think that paparazzi stalking celebs is a very dangerous thing. They did that to Kristen Stewart for 7 days to get the cheating pictures, and the followed Amanda Bynes for the entire day as well. I don’t see how that is any different from the usual “stalker”.

    I also think that taking pictures of the kids is absolutely wrong unless they are on a red carpet. I love the Affleck-Garner kids…but my life would go on if I didn’t see their pictures, especially because THEIR lives would be so much better if they weren’t being harassed by paparazzi.

  • bosie


  • viki

    i think it is perfectly fine. hey, woman in new york can go public topless. what is matter of the boob pic. and no it was not that look good either.