Run Don’t Walk: The Fourth Episode Of ‘Awkward Black Girl’ Season Two Is Here!


It’s Friday night folks. Some people are hitting up the clubs. Others, like my ridiculously studious bff Michelle are in class (whaaat?!), and some of us will be right here… enjoying the fourth episode of The Misadventures Of Awkward Black Girl, season two. Issa Rae is back at it as our glorious anti-hero and I cannot wait to see what’s popping off with J right now! The last time we saw her was in episode three, and she was being a huge disappointment to her mom, not wrapping her hair (lmao), and kind of failing in the job department. Sigh, we’ve all been there J! And apparently, in this episode J decides to start looking for a new job but as things start to look up, White Jay throws some inevitable curveball. I’m about 60 seconds in and the opening performance is something of legend!!! Cannot wait to hear what you guys think of the new episode! Enjoy!¬†And OMG wait, I just got lost in a vortex and ended up on Issa Rae’s blog and am now experiencing something called#RatchetpieceTheatre. Juicy J is the subject. Please join me inside after watching the above video. OMG.


#RatchetpieceTheatre Episode 4: Juicy J (Dr. Ratchet)

So, now you know why Issa Rae is a god among men.


Also, Issa just made her talk show debut last night on FX’s Totally Biased. I missed it, but that’s why the gods created the DVR. My Friday is looking so cray right now, lol!

  • Steven

    Was that a Clueless shout-out at the beginning? Also, Stinkappotamus Rex was so random and cute. Love this show and hate that we have to wait until October 11 for the next ep.

  • blaqfury

    she is hilarious. i wish the epi’s were longer and distributed closer together, but i understand…LOL!

    love love love this series… and thanks for putting me onto her blog. Didnt’ know that existed.