Penélope Cruz Proves She’s Still A Crowd Favorite At The ‘Twice Born’ Premiere


Oscar-winner and one of my absolute fave actresses everPenélope Cruz was at the premiere for her new film Twice Born and I had to share these pics of her! She’s sort of in my ‘can do no wrong’ exclusive category of celebrities and I just love seeing her face, like, anywhere. Penélope was photographed in a sweet little pink number that I totally did not love on her, but who cares? It’s Penélope AKA Maria Elena from Vicki Cristina Barcelona AKA Mirtha from Blow AKA Mrs. Javier Bardem so yeah, no. She gets no real critiques from my end, lol! I’ll leave that up to you fashionistas. What do y’all think of Penélope’s look? If I could criticize her I’d wish she wore a sexier (or at least better-fitting) dress and I’d want a lil’ more umph in that hair. But no. She’s perfect. Lurve it! Emile Hirsch (Penélope’s co-star) is another actor I absolutely adore and he’s up in the gallery too. Enjoy!


Photo Credit: Insight News And Features

  • Jenn

    When I took a quick glance at the thumbnails, I was like “she starred in a movie with Jack Black? And he lost a little bit of weight..” lol Sorry, Emile Hirsch

    • Shannon

      Jenn, lol! You’re so right, though.

    • nicole

      @Jenn – so glad i wasnt the only one who thought he was jack black! haha

  • Serenity

    Nice hashtag, Shannon! :D

    • Shannon

      Thanks Serenity! I try :)